Duh, what was he thinking?  

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5/15/2006 2:31 am

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Duh, what was he thinking?

Something a little more light hearted:

The Internet has made law enforcement's job a little easier, at least in the case of one crook who used a service called Case Breakers to find out exactly how much trouble he was in.

Usually, search and background check information is kept strictly confidential. Except in serious criminal investigations - like, for instance, if there's a major outstanding warrant out for someone's arrest!

Prominently featured on the Case Breakers website is this notice:

"Due to the nature of this search, sometimes when a record is found, a police agency or government agency may contact us for information about the case - we will release all information about the request to the agency."

But apparently this mastermind didn't bother to read the disclaimer. He provided his legitimate credit card information to order the $43 outstanding warrant search.

That's money he probably wishes he hadn't spent, because the transaction was automatically flagged. Thirty minutes later, FBI agents had his home address and phone number in hand.

Case Breakers reports he's now behind bars "for a very long time." Maybe he can use that time to check out a copy of "Internet for Dummies" from the prison library.

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