Ever seen someone on here who you want to get to know in much more than just a physical way?  

Phoenixx732006 43M
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7/16/2006 10:59 pm

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10/19/2006 11:28 am

Ever seen someone on here who you want to get to know in much more than just a physical way?

This is a bit of a weird one for me. I have seen someone on here (who shall remain nameless for their own privacy.) who altho they are extremely hot, also has my interest by the balls. AdultFriendFinder try to explain why, but you'll have to bear with me as the words may not come to me correctly.

Being a guy, and all hormones and usualy thinking with ones "lesser" head you browse thru the profiles and see a lot of very beautiful ladies who you would dearly love to stick your thinking part into. I am guilty of that as much as any other guy on this site. but a few days ago I came across a person who is beautiful, sexy and all that other stuff that makes you want to bone them all night, but she has taken me far beyond that. She has a charisma, an energy about her that makes you want to be near her and if you're lucky you might get a rub off of that energy. Personality wise, there is the confidence which exudes sexiness but also draws you to her. and she has the ability to read mt like a book, she knows my buttons better than I do.

Now I hear you say "Sounds like your in lust/love or any other word for it. Believe me, I'm not I've been in both before and know what they are and how they feel. altho I do have an extreme urge to be a friend to her and if whatever power that be decides, meet and share some time together. Sex dosn't even come into that equasion, infact, I don't think I could even bring a sexual tome to the conversation. If that is how it goes then so be it, but it won't be from any effort on my part.

There is such a facination and a need to know this person and I dont wanna spoil it.

I just hope that she dosn't read this otherwise I'm gonna be one severly embarrased dude!

longlegs4you0 45F
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7/19/2006 9:46 pm

I definitely get where you're coming from. I have found chemistry with a few select people I have met both here and elsewhere and found myself wondering the same things you are about this other woman. If she reads your post, no need to be embarrassed, it's a compliment...

SDraega 33M

7/20/2006 9:24 pm

Of that this iw complimentary that is true, and i do know the feelings that you describe here, they are the ones you want to shout from the mountain tops and proclaim everything to the world at large

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