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8/26/2005 1:59 pm

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What do you think?

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I sometimes wonder if Megan’s Law aka registering sex offenders is a good idea or not.

I scan our zip code, and route the kid’s take from here to school. As expected there are three on the direct route to the school. Yaay! Not! There are two “half way houses” near us as well. One near the auto parts store that houses about seven, then there is the trailer park near the church that has about 20 registered offenders.

I do have to say not all of the offenders are child offenders, but a majority are convicted of lewd conduct with persons under 16, or under 14. I am sure the younger the person, the more serious the offense, (duh). A few of the charges they register for seem vague, or people caught in the wrong circumstance.

Some of the offenders do have vague charges, or they are young and have “ inappropriate contact with persons under 16.” The letter of the law says crime, but could it be a high school senior dating a sophomore? My prom date was a soph, I was a Sr. and 18, should I have gone to jail? Luckily her parents liked me a lot (smiles). The eighties in Redneck Ville that was not enforced very often, in fact 14 year olds went with 20 year olds, nothing was said. Of course nobody thinks twice about a 29 year old and a 25 year old. Will I ok my daughter dating a 19 year old at 15? I do not know yet, the odds are not good though.

I worry about offenders because your sexuality is a part of who you are. If you only get your jollies by hurting others, you will seek it again. These troubled folks are compelled to do these things, as much as we regular folks are compelled to get with our own significant other. So the warning is justified. Many “experts” say offenders cannot be rehabbed. Chemical castration helps, but when is a power thing, only death can stop them. This fetish is ingrained into their being. It is the same as going with out food, they will crave it so much it over whelms. I have seen people defeat cocaine and other addictions, they always have the weakness, so they choose to stay away from it, and people who do such things. How do you stay away from kids or women? Monastery? Jail? Often molestation is not a group activity, one plans and executes the perverse plan alone.

The dangerous ones, the offenders with a big red flag saying “predator with high probability of re offense, yes! They should be posted. I would even post them on a street corner for all to know. But the less serious ones?

Serious offenses
1st and 2nd degree
Molestations of persons under 16
Possession of child porn
Promoting prostitution of people under 18
Corruption of minors
Possession of date drugs
Forced entry with intent to commit /battery
Abduction with intent

The above should not be out of jail period!

Less serious:
Young people over 14 but under 21 “statutory” both willing of course
Prostitution/ solicitation when 18+
Some were convicted of plain old sodomy or oral copulation
Willfully consuming drugs/ alcohol then crying or assault, almost a “reverse victim”
A same age teen or older stepsister, gray area, legally she is sister, biologically a different story, the “biological stoppers” may not kick in, gray area. Letter of the law, says incest.

I am also aware that often is an easy crime to frame someone for. Have it a bit rough, then call the police. It is her word against his, if she has an accomplice girl buddy, he is going down.
Place child porn on someone’s computer then call the police, busted!
Any anonymous call to child protective will be investigated. Who is the perfect parent?

But again nobody in prison is “guilty” right, everyone was framed. The police could not get them for a major crime, so they bust them for sodomy or something to send a message. So what is the right thing to do? In Idaho the news is full of released sex offenders causing a lot more harm. At Halloween police check that offenders are not allowing trick or treaters. I am all for protecting people, kids must have safe environments no question.

Is all this effort doing any good? Does it violate the rights of the offenders? Once they do their time is the debt to society paid? Did Bubba and the prison shower boys return the favor of violation? What offenses should be listed? I know the police warn that using offender registry information to harass is a crime, but really? You have the picture the name and address of all offenders, how can the police really catch you if you strike once hard out of the blue? Are the offenders in unnecessary jeopardy?

As a parent I know what will happen to anyone who harms my kid. They would be wise to be in jail because then they are safe with rights to no cruel or unusual punishments. When it comes to protecting loved ones my progressive mindset vanishes, and eye for an eye becomes an eye for a head.

So how do you think it should work? Stay as it is? Change the law to list the to dangerous ones only? A big pit and a rifle? The sex offender cable channel? Neon signs? Scarlet letters? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for dropping by!

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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8/26/2005 2:39 pm

Having sexual offenders in my family, i wish they at least had to walk around with big neon signs flashing overhead ... however, i think none of these measures will ever be enough --- i really think children need to be warned of the dangers in the world out there and how to deal with such things; i know people fear this will give their children nightmares and make them excessively fearful (but not if you give good strategies to make them feel confident) ... you don't not tell your child about sticking your finger in plugs cos they might over-react ...

But while i have heard this thing repeated many times that you can't be reformed, i went to see a therapist to advise me on my family situation, and she worked with sex offenders in prison, and had a lot of success in reforming them ... I think the child /violence statistics in south africa are amongst the highest in the world ... in some of the communities where my husband and i work, bodies of children get found without heads and it doesn't even make the news! mostly, this is i think the result of the violence of apartheid and the resulting post-traumatic stress...

...sorry for hogging your blogspace ...

[blog freelove999]

ThumbChickStool 33F

8/26/2005 4:11 pm

The subject of sex offenders is very dodgy, and complicated. Some people think the registry is enough, others think it's not enough, and still others think it's too much. It's all a matter of perception.

I was sexually assaulted not too long ago. My family had mixed reactions. My mother wanted to beat the shit out the guy (she was reliving my sister's 'supposed' a few years earlier). My husband was three seconds from sticking a knife in his throat with the cops right there. I, personally, wanted him in jail. It's not that I forgave him, that I felt sorry for him. That is not the case at all.

I know for a fact that in prison, he will be considered the lowest of the low. Serial killers are in higher standings in the prison community than someone who was convicted of a sex crime. Someone who was dealing drugs to minors is considered better than someone who touched little kids (though not by too much). So I feel better knowing that for the next 40 years, or however long his sentence turns out to be (still waiting sentencing), he will be miserable. He will be beaten, abused, and violated by his fellow inmates. It also helps that a close friend of the family is a prison guard at the prison he's going to be sent to.

I think repeat offenders should stay in prison. I also think the ones that are listed as most likely being repeat offenders should stay in prison. I also think they shouldn't be placed in solitary confinement for "their own safety". The offender wasn't concerned about the safey of others, why should we worry about theirs?

I agree with mzhuny if someone did the same with my own children. But only as an immediate reaction. I unfortunately have the ability to coldy and logically see through the immediate reaction. Why kill them so they can't dwell on it and maybe feel some sort of regret? Why only let them live for 5 years, and they know that it's only for that much longer? I say, let them live. Have someone remind them, on an almost daily basis, that they hurt someone sexually and that the abuse they are getting in return is because of it. Let them dwell on it for the next 40 years to life. That is more satisfying to the intellectual in me. And my preferred punishment.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/26/2005 8:39 pm

Free love
no worries you can post and rant all you want. Yes we try to educate our children of how they operate and that some people are dangerous. I agree that they probably will nto be reformed. I cant imagine a place where kid missign heads does not even make the news.

Ms HH - If I know my child was touched, remember the old days when witches were burnt at the stake.. or the rack, iron maiden, not the band. Even before I was a parent I could nto fathem doign this with a child..

You are wiser than I am seeing how prison is a death sentenance. He will get bum , and he will get aids, and die a slow painful death. Prison is a death sentence. I am glad you are bouncign back from the assult and livign your life. That denies that bastard from taking from you everyday of your life. HE hurt not only you, but all of those who care for you. One has done that much damage to many, that really sucks.

rm_luke69iner 48M
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9/1/2005 1:33 pm

Change the law to list the repeat offenders and "dangerous" ones only?

A big pit and a rifle for the dangerous ones where the evidence of guilt is incontrovertible?

Bullets are more cost effective than jail

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