The HitchHikers Guide to a Hot Wife!  

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8/4/2005 8:58 am

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The HitchHikers Guide to a Hot Wife!

Song of the day: Anticipation-Carley Simon

Well this was more of an email to Bekka’s friend with benefits. As soon as he reads this he will know whom it is addressed to. Many times newbies ask how do we start, when do we know what to do and when? Or maybe give the veterans some new ideas. So maybe this can help some of those who are “still shopping” when they reach the reality point, they will have some ideas of cues, clues, and what to ask and tell their playmates. So this kills two birds, gives him details specific to her, and ideas for others.

Knowing you have never done the MFM straight couple thing before we assume you are kind of wondering what do I do? You know what to do, maybe. You have never, with a wife, especially with her hubby present. How do you have all enjoy and not offend, or be offended? Well here are some cues and guidelines for you.

We have a TON of fantasies we will fish you into participating in, so this is mostly for the first time, always a bit awkward the first time. Yes we are nervous too! Think of getting a live sex show, focus your energy on her, and think of the other guy as extended foreplay for her. You and Bek had good energy just chatting casually, so no worries.

Part one
Show up. Will sent you a map of how to get here.

Part Two:
Enjoy pizza, enjoy the movie, enjoy conversation, just be a friend, you do that well.

Part Three:
Well now we get to the other part. When/how to switch gears from friend to benefits. Keep having regular conversation with us. She will slowly make her way to the sofa where we will be. It could take as long as an hour before she works her way up to sitting between us.

After a bit it is ok to place you hand on her leg, or take her hand. Don’t dive right at her of course, but it is ok to touch her, maybe she will take your or my hand, or both? If she leans forward, face in her hands, give her a bit. When she sits back, she wants contact. When she scrunches lower she is more ready if that makes sense. She rarely initiates contact, so it will be up to us guys, if she dives right at us, we might need to start doubling our work out routines, and take more vitamins haha. Don’t be offended if she reaches over to kiss me first, as she is working up nerve.

Once she is finally into being kisses, yes she loves deep kissing. I will kill the light, and start some music. She does not like having her ear blown into or tongued, she draws claws to that. Nuzzle her hair, she loves that. We can then get her out of her shirt, if she in not in her summer dress. Any way by this time she will be ready for us to have at her chest. She loves at first if we each take one of her breasts in her mouth, and suck, nibble, kiss and lick. Remember don’t bite, she might have cat claws and draw them on us.

If she is wearing undies, we will guide her out of them, and you work your way down under, as I keep her well kissed, and her titties occupied. Just lick and eat her up how ever, she has no special preference as to how that goes. Obviously if she reacts pleasantly, go back to what you have done. She likes oral as a warm up, she rarely if ever gets off on getting licked.

Once you get tired of that or she makes obvious motions she is ready for something else, I/we will guide her to her knees. We guys well then get rid of our clothes, and end up standing more or less side by side, so she can grab, stroke, lick and suck us both.

She will be plenty warm enough to start talking dirty too. Thing like “naughty girl with two cocks to suck” “Work them so we can fuck you” “naughty wife” “nasty girl” ect. She gets into it more herself as I/We get into it, so as long as you do not sound like some fake B grade porno, she likes noise, and to be talked to. When in doubt, watch what I do, then mirror until you both get used to each other.

I will sneak away while she is working you good. Let her bring you as close as you want, just do save it for inside her, as that is her fetish. Once you can’t stand it anymore, have bend over the sofa, knees on the floor. Then tease her a little. Rub you cock over her pussy, and ask her if she “wants it in her pussy, ready to get fucked, loves cock,” something to that effect.

Then go for it, do not worry about making it last, she will be very flattered if you get off hard and fast. She really will, she is very unique that way. Don’t stress over it either, have a good time, she will feel bad if you don’t enjoy her. She enjoys dirty talk; just do not reference anal, animals, or family stuff. So “whose your daddy” will shut her down quick. However slut, tramp, bad girl, hot piece of ass, even Cunt does not offend her, nor does bitch. You can lightly pull her hair, so her head comes back, just not too hard and no yanking. Once you have experienced ecstasy, switch me places, and enjoy the show.

If you “reenergize” watching us, no problem. Take her to the floor, and have her go cowgirl, or you can go cowboy, what ever you two want. Just ask. She does like to be kissed while riding, if she wants to focus on a different sensation she will just turn her head, you can kiss/nibble/lightly bite her neck and stuff.

Part Four:
Master Sidious-Don’t worry no Sith Lords will jump out and zap us. Remember she is an intense lover, joking around during will turn her to the dark side. Teasing her a little before you slide in her makes it intense, do it very much she will get pissed. I have done it before, teased her for a long time, ever doing her, and she did not talk to me for two hours.

Part Five:
Bekka changing gears from lady in public to tramp in bed. Unlike you, many other guys approach a “hot wife” not realizing that her husbands’ arousal to their playing it the key. So don’t be offended if she looks to me often, or even asks if she can do something, or takes my hand while you do her, it is just natural to her. Even when you date her alone, she might chatter on and on about me, it is not an insult, it is a good sign, she is giving herself permission to be a hot little tramp in private. If you throw in statements like “hubbies naughty wife” “Hubbies little slut wife out getting fucked,” or using my name, she will respond very nicely, her last FBW did that once, he got blown, her bent over the sofa, and he got ridden, before she let him go soft. “Extra guys” have the advantage that hubby has laid the groundwork you get the dessert. When she switches from lady to tramp, it is a slow steady process.

We are not worried about you doing something intentionally stupid, just remember this is not a who can do her better contest, a bigger penis contest, or anything like that. Saying I can fuck you better than him, or do anything “better” will end the show real quick. It does take a unique guy that can enjoy, and have all others enjoy as well.

Part Six:
The future. With good people we both like so hard to find, we hope this all works for a long time. It adds spice, variety, and fun for all. We prefer a long term FWB (friend with benefits) because of the safety, cleanliness, and low drama aspect. This is far safer than “going and getting picked up.” That has the fun “danger” element to it, but this has plenty of “danger” to it as well. As you two get used to each other, it can only get better and better. She gets her cake and can eat it too, I know she is safe and not out behind my back with an “affair,” you get no drama friends you can lean on, and those benefits that you will never forget. When ever some lame jerk is trying to ruin your day, you can think to yourself “ I have girlfriend” and remember all those pleasant times, and new fantasies yet to come. Welcome to our little world, hope you enjoy!

bigredeatsbush 51M/50F

8/4/2005 10:54 pm

Thanks for the tour - As you said, it helps to get ideas. Congrats to the new FWB! This blog was quite enlightning to me. You addressed many details that I would not have considered being a first timer. Sometimes the student, sometimes the teacher...

LoveHandles686 68M

8/5/2005 2:24 am

Ooooowwwwwwwooooo. That's what I want, a real FWB relationship. I loved your profile and have added your blog to my daily "must read" list. Danb, it's a long way from Virginia to Idaho!

rm_vixenflir 58M
295 posts
8/5/2005 5:01 am

Whew! you guys! Even though I realize this post was aimed at your new FWB, you did an excellent job of setting the stage for what I'm sure will be a great time for all of you (I got hard just reading the cues!) Best of luck. Enjoy!

mcsusieg 49F
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8/5/2005 7:29 am

I just came off of a train wreck when my FwB (“Steady Eddie”, in and out of the bedroom) introduced me to a couple he recently met, (My friend has enjoyed the wife)...As the fourth, and NOT my FwB’s "date", it was very, very difficult. I was not ready to meet and play with someone with little or no warm up…Within 10 minutes the husband had his had up my skirt and my friend was enjoying similar attention to the wife. I would love if you could do a companion piece...You know addressing bringing in a fourth….

Obviously there wasn’t enough warm time as I was Cuming late to the party ‒ and a bit of a communication snafu ‒ I did think I was MY FwB “date” …not the husband ‒ soooo…that was the start of trouble…but I digress….Something along the lines of how to bring in a 4th would ROCK! Please consider.

Thanks Bunches!!!

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/5/2005 9:05 am

Hey Red

We are at times the student and at others the teacher. I spend most my tiem the student however, not yet wise like Yoda or a Sage of the old times.

bigredeatsbush 51M/50F

8/5/2005 9:21 am

Pizza to go with your sex! What a grreat idea!
(In the TV Announcers Voice)
And we would like to send out a special congratulations to Philosophy_N_Sex for being the Number 1 blog in Idaho, and the 4th most popular couples blog in all of AdultFriendFinder.
Great job and keep up the good work!!

Stay tuned for more great bolg adventures

FunandFrisky79 41M/37F

8/5/2005 7:50 pm

Wow! Very hot, P&S! I love the fact that you have rules. Too many people jump into threesomes without any boundaries, and when things get out of control... the relationship doesn't last. It's good to know you have both thought this through. You sound like you are very much in love! Congrats to you both! And, have fun with your FWB!!!

Btw, if you ever want to let a girl in on the action, let me know! lol


Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/6/2005 12:13 pm

Lovehandles-Hi thansk for stopping by, and yes AdultFriendFinder can really work and find FWB, takes alot of work an energy, but it can be done.

Vixen-THanks it went really really well, even though he never read this hahaha!

Susie-Hi there, I appreciate you stopping by. We do not have experience with a 4th person. I would assuem the boundries would be very much the same. I lead in where people dive right into each other would require flirtation and gettign comfortable to happen soemone else, then go to the room. To show up and start in with strangers I never see working? I will see what I can coem up with for couples add couples.

Jezebelle-Yes you go an enjoy that booty call! Thank you for the compliment, and for stopping by!

F&F- You are too much, if I (him) had you and Wifey for a night, I would die, yes die happy but I would die. Wow, you are like over the top sexy, and I am quite a regular guy. I have excellent relations with women, but my my my, you are way hot my friend. I would not want to invade on you and your man. You rule

rm_tradeandplay 47M/53F
15 posts
8/6/2005 12:23 pm

Wow! perfect! You got it just right.YOu could write an advice column for swingers.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/8/2005 11:27 am

THanks Tradeandplay!
I am not that talented, but can pitch in two cents when asked.

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