Some ways to improve your chances  

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5/9/2005 11:48 am

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Some ways to improve your chances

How do we find someone on here with all the players, fakes, and those just shopping? Well here are some things that draw us to a profile or a response.
Well to find a playmate on here, here are some tips that have worked for us, and were characteristics we look for.

1-DO post a pic on your profile, not just a crotch shot. You can be discreet with a few full body pics. Have the pics really be you!

2-Write and ad that says what you seek, what you offer a potential lover. State how long you want the “relationship” to last. Saying I want sex, if not very enlightening and does not help your chances.

3-When you reply to an ad actually say something, say why you are a good match for them, what times of day you are free. No need to be pushy or desperate.

4-Be honest, if you are bi say so, do not think people will change their minds, if you seek something the lover does not want to do, do not think they will change their minds and let you, they wont.

5-humor and creative flair are very good! Shows you put effort into the people you meet, you are intelligent and can carry a conversation.

6-Showering, brushing teeth, and smelling like you care about yourself does help a lot too.

7-Relax, what is meant to happen will happen. You are not less of a person because someone on a sex site did not drop to their knees for you.

8-It is Ok to say no thanks you! Not everyone is your cup of tea and that is ok, makes it better when you meet someone who is

9-Be visible post to forums, chat with others, get others to recognize you, many shoppers might like what you say and how you operate, and a shopper might become a buyer! haha.

10-Chat with your potential lovers, if seeking a couple do chat with the spouse or else you have ended it before it started. IF they cannot get to know you, they will not choose you.

Some hints that see obvious, but from our experience nto everyone does this. Nobody is going to knock on your door if they do not know you exist!

Good luck and be safe

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