Really Bad books!  

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Really Bad books!

Song Lyric of the day: “hate your next-door-neighbor, but don't forget to say grace,” Eve of Destruction ‒ Barry McGuire

Really bad political books

If you are left, centrist or right here is a collection of the worst political books you could find, provided they were real.

Let’s Expand Welfare!
By L.Z. Fatass
Summary: Some people are severely put out by having to get up and go to a job. They suffer mental defect when they miss episodes of Jerry Springer, soap operas, or CNN. They contribute to society by not contributing. If they were made to work, and went insane, these people could commit crime. To lower the cost of crime, increase welfare.

Government, the only institution qualified to raise your kids!
By I. Suck
Summary: Parents and families are not qualified to raise children. Children should be turned over to government officials to be raised properly. Parents will still be financially and legally liable for their children, but all authority will in the hands of government officials. Children are the future of society, and therefore belong to society.

Believe or Die
By Reverend Fat Robertson
Summary: People not of God should not be allowed to live. Only people who are of God, God as only I see God, and only my God will be allowed to live. Godly execution camps will be efficient and pay for themselves by taking the belongings of the executed citizens. The un-Godly will be able to build the camps and infrastructure before they are turned over to Satan. The cleansing is necessary for this nation to be strong!

Courts, The common People Don't need them!
By, Juris Rectum
Summary: The people sue large corporations and thus reduce profits. The people should not be allowed access to the courts as this could cut profits, job growth, and use court time and resources for frivious actions. A jury of peers are not qualified to judge how to compensate parties that were never injured. People get sick, arms are lost, sexual harassment is a way of life. Assuming it is the fault of the “rich” is a misnomer. Action must be taken to limit access to the courts so individual and class action lawsuits become a thing of the past. Then companies can focus on business.

Media Reform for a Stronger USA!
By TV MyWay
Summary: Popular media would be regulated to focus on basic principles. Drama News shows, and articles would be made to portray families who sacrifice and work harder to better corporate America. Obedience over self awareness will be the plot of all plays and scripts. Government will be portrayed as a guardian and parent role for all citizens to love and admire. People in military service will also receive special acclaim. Those not choosing to serve will be showed how they weaken society in general, and should be made shameful people in movie and TV scripts. Conformity reinforced in popculture will provide a strong selfless workforce for many generations to come.

Torture, the Way to a Better America
By Edwin Sorebutt
Summary: Monetary fines and imprisonment are not deterring crime. The cruel and unusual clause of the constitution must be removed, so police can punish the deserving. An example is during a traffic infraction, the officer will not administer a ineffective piece of paper called a ticket. The guilty driver will receive 3 to 5 lashes infront of family and community. This will clean up the streets, send a message of conformity to our children, and make a better, safer society.

Bankruptcy Reform the Right Way!
By Greed D. Bastardz
Summary: It would benefits society in general if all private citizens were no longer allowed to file any type of bankruptcy. All finances of an individual or family will be handeled by a trustee. This trustee will budget all finances for the person/family as appropriate, for as long as the person or family lives. The family will save, invest, pay debts and spend as the trustee sees fit. The trustee will take the percentage his company charges fro this service first. Second all persons 21 years or older will be given a mandatory credit line of $10,000 to save, pay off debt, or invest as the trustee see fits. This mandatory debt will promote work as the debt will need to paid on time or the person will face prison time. Individuals are unable to manage their own money, corporations will be able to provide this service will government backing of authority and financing.

The Right Diet
By. U. R. Fat
Summary: People are over consuming, and thus have health risks with obesity. We propose that all home food processing stop, and all persons be directed to a food center. These Grande cafes will only give proper calories and nutrition for the people. With people relieved of the burdens of shopping the workweek can be extended for increased productivity.

Watch Towerz
By. I Spywithmylittleeye
Summary: All people will be stamped with barcode ID on their foreheads. The citizens will be scanned at checkpoints as they go about their daily lives. This will stop all crime and terrorism as movement of all people can be accounted for. People who need to break their normal routine will need to file for a travel passport. This will allow government to monitor and account for unusual activity of some individuals. Unusual activity could be family vacations, emergencies, looking to purchase rare items or criminal offenses. It is assumed that the citizen is guilty for police protection and court processing efficiency.

Anti Pervert Police are Necessary!
By, Prude Nevergotany
Summary: With all the perversion over taking America, something must be done. People who are not married are engaging in sex, homosexuals are having sex, People are having oral and anal sex! The government will form the decency branch. These officials will at random times, randomly enter homes and inspect the sexual activity. Entry is mandatory, as the police are doing this for a better cause than individual rights. The second phaze of the plan will involve cameras placed in each room of every home to monitor sexual activity. When inappropriate sexual behavior is observed, rehabilitation will be mandatory!

Feudalism, The way to a better America
By. King George
Summary: Only the privileged are allowed to reach their full potential. The lower classes should only exist to serve the higher. Original thought is the property of the lord and master. When the masses work and do not understand that life could be much more than making the rich, richer, then society lives in peace. Self suffientcy is a dangerous goal, as it could question authority, and lead to equal opportunity for all. Should the masses demand qualified leaders based on merit not family title, then chaos could ensue! Conquest! Not creativity is the only way to expand resources!

The worst thing about this is that much of it has already happened, and there are people fighting to enforce these types of “ideals.” Apathy is a political vote.

Have a great day..

PNS & Winston Smith

bigredeatsbush 51M/50F

9/14/2005 8:32 pm

I'm more of a rights of the individual as long as it does not infringe on other individuals type of mentality. I agree that there are lots of am radio shock jocks selling the books you are advertizing and it is sad. Knowledge is the key, knowledge is the key, knowledge is the key. I am so proud of myself; last year I actually took time and read both the democrat and republican party platforms (for the first time). I highly recommend that all people of voting age do this!

bigredeatsbush 51M/50F

9/14/2005 8:34 pm

Oh, I almost forgot, in the words of Getty Lee from RUSH
"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
.............. I will choose freewill!"

rm_philonymph 38M
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9/14/2005 10:33 pm

I was begining to think that I was the only one left who (thankfully) had to read 1984 in school. If more people found the great truths hidden in fiction (or actually read it in the first place), we would be left with no excuse for things to continue the way they are.
Thank You again for feeding my hope.

rm_FreeLove999 46F
16127 posts
9/15/2005 3:12 am

imo 1984 is the all-time scariest book, especially when you start see it happening in the world around you ...

[blog freelove999]

AltumHunksUnite 53M

9/15/2005 10:39 am

The next JK Rowling book will be...

Harry Potter and the Persistent Priest

Okay, not really

Let me drive. I like the view

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

9/15/2005 12:17 pm

Mr. Red
I am a individualist as well, can't screw the big corps, but cant let them have free run. People do need protection from society as well as vice versa.

I read 1984 during 1984, and the concepts did not sink in until a few years later. It is one of the best and scariest works I ever read.

Yes from your writing I see some very scary stuff out there.!

Haha you are too funny.

rm_luke69iner 48M
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9/15/2005 7:53 pm


when's the book burning ... i'll bring the cruelty free, eco-friendly marshmellows ... oh ... are book burnings still bad even for these books

by the by ... i took your comment on my Contest post to mean a yes that you would participate ... i needed some more guys to balance things out ... you'll be the first couple if both of you participate ... starts Sunday at midnight Palo Alto, California time

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demonicsexkitten 41F
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9/18/2005 9:42 pm

I think i've had classes with some of the authors. lol. I once took a speech class where 3 of them were evangelical christian, of the "if you don't believe exactly as i do, you're going to hell" and "everybody that doesn't believe exactly as i do needs to get out of America" persuasion.

There was a lovely question and answer session after that... until the teacher finally told me to shut up, because other ppl still had to give their speeches.

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