Of Darkness and of Light, an Exposition of the Sign of Scorpio  

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Of Darkness and of Light, an Exposition of the Sign of Scorpio

Song of the Day: Here I am ‒The Scorpions

For those who follow astrology you will know we have entered the time of Scorpio!*

Round of applause please

I am one of these wonderful but very misunderstood beings, as my birthday is soon. My Brother/Sisters scorps and myself are the most misunderstood, and often the most disliked sign of the zodiac.
“Who keeps an arrow in his bow,
And if you prod him, lets it go?
A fervent friend and subtle foe ??
It is the Scorpio
” from Scorpio dot com”

Our Symbol: the Scorpion, duh, also is the soaring eagle, the wolf and the Phoenix.
Our Time: from now until November 22nd*
Our passion: The Truth
Our Motto: I desire
Our Colors: Red, Black, and Turquoise.
We get two ruling planets Mars and when Pluto was discovered we got it as well. The god of war and the god of the underworld, it will make perfect sense for us Scorpios!
Please read on!

Having known other scorps, and having read both positive but mostly negative astrological reviews of our sign, I will try to explain how we operate. This will help dispel the myths that we are all hopelessly stubborn unyielding vengeful perverts.

How a Scorpio Sees the World:
We Scorpios are accused of many “dark” things because of our fascination with human nature, and often things “dark” or “evil.” Well, how can one understand “light” and “good” if we do not have the opposite to compare to? We can study Hitler or Mother Theresa the same day, and not be confused by the contradiction. The Scorpio will not see the world in terms of only “darkness” or “light” or even in varying shades of gray. Someone is not 80% “good” and 20% “bad” the person is “whole” regardless of composition. We see the world in terms of the “Third.” When entity A relates to entity B the relationship creates a new entity we can call entity C. C is what we call the Third entity. As the Scorpio learns the intricacies of these relationships, soon it is observed that not only A+B=C, but A+C=AC, and B+C=BC so then AC+BC=ACBC, and so on and so on. This fascination of the interrelation of people and/or concepts give the Scorpio their eclectic tastes. Things can “be” or “not be,” the interaction of “is” and “is not” will create a myriad of possibilities.

You have heard many time that the whole is greater that the some of the parts. That is how a Scorpio will examine the world in basic terms. We will start with the “whole” and reverse engineer from that point back to the basic elements of parts A and B. Deep with in A and B are root elements that cause the chain reactions we see on the surface. A slight chance in A or B will bring about a new C, the Scorpio will then predict the new “Whole” as A and B change. A Scorpio sees how the relation of mind and body affect the “spirit.” This is why we Scorps seems to look deeply inside everyone, we are reverse engineering the world we see, starting with spirit, then examining your mind and body.

Our experience doing this gives us Scorpios our famous or maybe infamous “psychic ability.” With a simple tweaking of mind or body we can create a whole new spirit that will interact with and change mind and body. Seeing the total “you” we can walk in your shoes and predict how you will behave as your mind or body changes. This dynamic the Scorpio sees that self and the human race has the capacity for great good or great evil. Anyone is capable of anything in the right circumstance, change the circumstance or perception of circumstance, and we can create a serial killer, or we can create a great hero.

This perception of reverse engineering is what gives the Scorpio the obsession for the truth. Once the “root truth” is revealed, we can see the pure whole. Scorps understand that manipulation can drastically affect the whole, any true Scorpio will loathe manipulative people and situations. Only a free spirit can grow and reach full potential, a trapped spirit will wither and die. This is the myth of a Scorpios “self destruction.” We loath being manipulated so much that we will destroy ourselves rather that give you the pleasure of controlling and destroying us. Like an army with no hope of victory or escape, they will kill themselves off to deny the enemy victory or capture. A Scorpio will not jump through your little hoops like a good puppy, no Scorpio will ever be your bitch! You have been warned!

Scorpio in Social Settings:
When in a group the Scorpio will often be to the side observing the interactions of people. We will pick out friend or foe, those we find intriguing and those who could leave the gathering and not have their presence missed. When approached the Scorp will be courteous and gracious but yet blunt to those we find “empty” and soulless shells. When meeting a Scorpio for the first time many are often flattered by seemingly being placed at the center of attention by the Scorp. It is not uncommon to find that you have spilled out your whole life story to the Scorpio, but yet know little or nothing of him/her.

People will strongly like or dislike the Scorpio. This is because metaphorically speaking the Scorpio will “hold up mirror.” When you see hate, ugliness, laziness, lies, hypocrisy, dysfunction, addiction or “evil” It is your own spirit you see. Most people are not ready to see this or accept it within themselves and will lash out, often bitterly. When you look into the Scorpios mirror and see dedication, wisdom, truth, light, competence, freedom and “general good,” it is your own spirit you see. The honest affirmation you receive from the Scorpio is very appealing, and you will begin to like the Scorpio. Should you be honest to yourself, the Scorpio might become rather fond of you as well. We do not demand perfection, we just want you to help yourself, and be on your way up. The Scorpio will be more interested in your “state of mind” and judge that more harshly than any “misdeed.” Are you purposely denying the truth or just misinformed and doing the wrong things for the right reasons? Is your personal code of honor ingrained into your being? Or is it a convenient catch phrase and you use it or shed it to try to appear more likeable?

Scorpio in professional life:
Our predisposition to cut the chase and get to the truth of the matter combined with our ability to “reverse engineer” allows the Scorpio to excel in many professions. Specifically investigative professions such as law, law enforcement, forensics, archeology, Journalism, sociology, psychology, counseling, healing sciences, natural sciences, education and entrepreneurs. Those that assert that Scorpios are dictators as supervisors is insulting and untrue. Scorpio supervisors see themselves as mentors, not bosses. They assume that motivation comes from within, if a Scorpio has to resort to the whip then those who will be more motivated at another organization will be assisted in that option, a polite way to say don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. At work near the Scorpio will be others with the entrepreneur spirit, they have a blend of vision, technical knowledge and people skills, and the drive to make things happen. The Scorp mentor will give wide latitude to those who wish to excel in their career because control limits options and thought, a visionary will not grow with out being able to think and express freely. Under the entrepreneurs are the managers, they are motivated and educated people who for some reason do not have the visionary aspect in their personalities. They are hard working, but are more in to the technical aspect of their work, and focus more on the day-to-day procedures. Under the managers are the “floor workers” who are out there getting their hands dirty working the front lines of the organization. Floor workers are secure in the fact they have a paycheck and a roof over their heads, this is their comfort zone, and they are happy there. Scorpio leaders see the need for all three levels, and will not treat the lower ranking with any less respect than the higher ranks. Scorps will be involved in all aspects of the organization, but not dictating. It is not unusual to see a Scorp supervisor working the front lines with the regular soldiers, the upper and lower leaders of the organization will know each other, and boost moral and unity. Also this allows the Scorpio to scout talent and see if a “visionary” is misplaced in the “worker” position. Scorpios will be as generous as possible with compensation, education, promotions and benefits. Scorpio “bosses” are rather forgiving of honest or “trying” mistakes.

Scorpio at Home:
A Scorpio’s home is a sanctuary. When injured or exhausted the Scorp will retreat inward to regenerate. The home provides us with a place to do this. Scorpios use many types of meditations. In the home you will find a library of a wide variety of books from classics to technical manuals to whodunit mysteries. You will also find a collection of music again very eclectic in taste. We are a fixed water sign so it is guaranteed the Scorpio will live near a body of water, usually with in walking distance, often we will have aquariums with aquatic creatures and plants, and pictures with aquatic scenery. You will notice a vast collection of silly knick-knack items, and each item has a history attach to it. The person who gave the item as a gift is remembered, the trip the item was purchased, and all these mementos have deep meaning to the Scorp.

Scorpios know the health of spirit depends on the health of mind and body. You will find many types of sports and exercise equipment and the Scorp will take the time to use them. We are notorious for taking mental health breaks, and will often just spend time alone. Mediation will often mean reading, music, exercise, journaling or arts and crafts. A Scorpios home will also be full of hand made items.

Scorpios and Humor:
Humor is an excellent tool for the Scorpio. Nearly all Scorpios have a well-developed sense of humor. We use it to break the ice or start things rolling in awkward silence. We use it as an interview technique, seeing how one responds to various types of humor shows a lot about a person. Humor is a protective shield to deflect hurtful attacks. Humor can be a way for the Scorpio to show affection with out getting into all the mushy deep heart felt stuff. When a Scorpio “ribs” you playfully it is a sign of affection, and the Scorpio likes you. Of course humor is a deadly weapon. A public attack on a Scorpio might turn on you and leave the room laughing at your expense. Sarcasm is dangerous when used with deadly precision. Better yet the Scorpio will often cleverly insult and the target will not notice until it is too late. You have been warned!

Scorpios as Friends:
If you have a close Scorpio friend, congratulations, you have a loyal, protective life long companion. Even if you move to another state and call 20 years later, it will be as if you seen each other yesterday. Your fair weather friends will come and go, but you are stuck with the Scorpio come hell, high water or PMS, for as long as you choose to have the Scorpio friend. A Scorpio will have few he/she called true friend, and the trust bond must exist before the Scorpio will begin to allow you into the close circle. A Scorp will have an eclectic group of friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. “Unusual” friends are not uncommon, as long as the friend is true to self and never backstabs the Scorpio, the friendship is deep and for life. We are quite generous with friends and do not mind picking up the check or expenses because we enjoy your company, money can be replaced, and a close friend can’t.

The lame accusation that a Scorpio “writes off” a friend as soon as they cease to be useful is beyond ignorant and insulting, it is an out right lie! The Scorp will only write off a friend if that friend chooses to have this happen. Their actions determine how we respond. Should the friend suddenly change and stab the Scorpio in the back then he or she was not a friend. A friendship based on a lie was no friendship at all and never did exist. What ever we build together was based on a lie and does not exist. If you are not true and honest to yourself, how can you be true to anyone else. We are writing off a non-existent person, and they will not be granted the opportunity to hurt again. You have been warned!

Scorpios and Love:
It will take a while for the Scorp to fall, but once he/she does it is deeply. We will lavish our beloved with attention and gifts. The attachment of a Scorpio is often more intense than many can handle, but this is just how we are. Love is life long, so long as the lover never backstabs or betrays the trust. The greatest gift anyone can give is the gift of true self, as the Scorpio falls for you deeper he or she will reveal to you more and more of the true inner self. You will feel as if you are the center of the Scorpio’s world, and in a way you will be. Your Scorpio lover will relish your self-discoveries and growth together. We love every minute that you allow us to see the world through your eyes, and cannot think of a more beautiful way to see existence!

The most common problem a Scorpio and his/her lover will have is that Scorpios are fiercely independent. Scorpio ladies have the most difficult time with this as men trying to woo them will often say, they can fix their wretched life, and take care of them. The Scorpio only hears “your life has no meaning, so come live in my cage.” The Scorpio will make it clear that such statements are insulting and unwelcome, and their time would be better spend elsewhere. A Scorpio loves freedom as much as he/she loves you, and will not sacrifice self because of your treachery! Because one who truly loves their Scorpio will not allow this to happen. Any type of perceived ultimatum will not give you the wanted results, in fact it will bring the opposite result in spades! You have been warned!

Scorpios also regenerate by turning inward. When injury or crisis happens a Scorpio will seem quiet and aloof. Demanding, scolding, or giving ultimatums to the Scorp at this time will drive a wedge between you. Your lover is just holding a sea of emotion in check to solve the crisis and return life to a balance. We do not love you any less, and will make up for any lost time ten fold. We will eventually reach out and have you help, but your best show of love would be to just be there, and share yourself as you always have. Unlike our water sign cousins the Cancer and the Pieces we do not wear our hearts on our sleeves. Because if we unleash the sea of emotion, we could not function or be any good to our loved ones, still waters run deep, and under the sea of calm are raging waters. To keep a possible tidal wave from hurting others we hold it back, until the seas calm.

Scorpios and Sex:
The Scorpio is the sign of sex and resides in the house of sex, please knock before entering the house, LOL. We see sex as a natural joyful way to express our affection, and we Scorps will express our affection many, many, many, many, many times, and once again in the evening so you know you are loved! In spite of what our critics think a Scorpio will not have a high number of lovers, as we are unable to love with out a trust bond, and few will honor or even understand the trust bond we require so therefore our number of lovers will be fewer than expected.

A Scorps seductiveness comes from the fact we seduce your soul, then mind and finally your body. By the time we get to your body and show off our skills in the mechanics of sex, you are already in burning need of release, and you find yourself completely enchanted. Being seduced from the inside out will be a new and yummy experience for most. We do reverse engineer our beloved and we know what rocks your world, and will be able to do the right things, at the right time, in the right amounts. Fearing no “fetish” we will take you buy the hand and lead you to your innermost deepest and darkest desires. You will think “I cant,” then it becomes “I could” to “I should” then it is “I will,” to “I want” to and finally “I need to!” Your Scorpio lover will relish your discovery and joy of your sexuality. We find the mysteries of our beloved irresistible, and will demonstrate great devotion to you as you open up to us. A Scorpio’s eclectic nature also kicks in full force with sexuality, from a naughty back alley quickie, to a soulful lovemaking session in front of a fire on the beach, to receiving a note at work saying take the afternoon off, and finding yourself covered in whipped cream as a delightful afternoon snack for your Scorpio lover.

Scorpios as Parents:
We are not overbearing dictators when it comes to children. We are fantastic guides on the journey of life! We are unusually dedicated to our children. Our eclectic tastes expose the child to many different ideas and concepts. We do not wish to stifle creativity in any way, so we guide children and show the results of actions, the complex interactions of entities, not manipulate or shame children. We are the type of parent who will get down and see the world from the child’s point of view. A child’s blatant honesty is refreshing to the Scorpio, when many parents are aghast at what comes out of a Childs mouth, a Scorpio parent will run with it as a great learning opportunity. We are the very much hands on parents and will get gushy mud between our toes, listen to buzzing bees, build with blocks and Legos, and point out shapes of clouds. Our own love of the truth will nourish the little scientist that lives in all minds of children. Scorpio parents are deeply involved in the lives of their children, and do so with out being over bearing. We do admit to being over protective of our kids, and will not apologies for it. We see our Children as sacred, and children give us the one time we are allowed to love unconditionally. Our kids are not some means to fulfill some dumbass agenda, they are free to grow and explore, and we will protect that freedom at all costs. Scorpio parents do not see any sacrifice as being too great for the welfare of the children. We feed the child interests and make sure they have everything they need to pursue their passions. Often Scorpio parents become good “buddies” with their adult children, and are among the life long companions for the Scorpio. It should be a law that a Scorpio child has a Scorpio parent. No other sign will be as able to nurture the blunt, energetic, intuitive, truth seeking, and emotional Scorpio child. Scorpios need to be guided, not forced, you have been warned, again!

The conclusion:
Where there you have it in as basic terms as I could use while fully explaining it. We are not the dangerous perverts many astrology experts point us out to be. Maybe the astrologist fear what they can’t control, and dislike the mirror we hold up for them to see? It is their loss as the cheap shots display their character for the world to see! We do guard our private sides very well, but if you want to know about a Scorpio then just ask him or her what you want to know, we will question your motives for asking, but will find the up front attitude refreshing. We do live in darkness and in light because our spirits contain both, why fear what you are? Truth and love of self will give you the power to deeply love another in ways you can’t imagine!

We are not one to strike innocent people out of the blue, we hate innocent people being harmed, and our personal codes of ethics will not allow this. We are aware that this code of ethics allows an enemy “first shot” but once the shots are fired the gloves come off, you have changed the rules of engagement, and we Scorpios will bring the fight to you. Scorpios do not use their “psychic abilities” to bring harm, only for personal growth, defense of self or loved ones and the innocent. We know what you fear, and will strike the very foundation of your being should you attack a Scorpio or a loved one. You might win today, and we will have to retreat and rebuild, but we will be back, better than ever. The trade of a battle for the war is a trade we will make every day of the week. Remember never throw down the gauntlet to a Scorpio, guaranteed we will pick it up! We will not do so on your terms because we will not be controlled, but we will pick it up when we are ready, and you are not, then we will spank you with it. Remember you have been warned.

Thank you again for stopping by, have an excellent day!!

*Some astrologers will list the 23rd as the time of Scorpio others list the 22nd. As I am not going to be home Sunday the 23rd so I am posting this now! Neener Neener!

bigredeatsbush 51M/50F

10/22/2005 6:58 pm

My brother is a scorpio.... He's not nearly this complicated
Thanks for the informative yet lengthy post

rm_jayR63 59F
1884 posts
10/22/2005 8:05 pm

Now I know why you always wanna harsh my buzz.
Stop putting your water on my fire, dude.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

10/24/2005 8:05 pm

Always nice to see ya!
THanks for tolerating the lengthy post! HArd to say it in fewer words it was much much longer kept cutting down and down!

I would never get water on your fire, or chocolate in your peanut butter! I am not a harsh buzzer either

Hey any of you folks wanna chat and use that one program that starts with y and ends in double o I am shamandirewolf, would love to chat!

rm_luke69iner 48M
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10/26/2005 6:17 pm

I am of course a scorpio

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

ExploreMore4Me 59F

10/27/2005 11:47 am

AHHHHHHHH! Beware the sting a scorpion brings...it first seduces the senses rendering a soul restless but will forever change the eyes one peers through! Hooray for us Scorpios! Happy Halloween Birthday My VERY special Friend!

Hugs & Kisses Too!


Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

10/27/2005 12:12 pm

I should have known

rm_luke69iner 48M
3275 posts
10/27/2005 6:50 pm

PNS when are your Birthday's your profile says July 18th

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

cravingforyou5 33M
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10/31/2005 6:49 pm

read your description of scorpios and was very confused by its accuracy, since I don't believe in astrology. I am a scorp myself and I must say I am amazed by your portrait

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