Myths about swinging  

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5/16/2005 12:13 pm

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Myths about swinging

We have gotten many many replies from internet ads like everyone else. Each seeking to fulfill a need or want in their life. We get many people who do not understand what swinging is about. With ads on the internet net saying “Get laid tonight, sexy swingers wait for you.”

Anyways want to counter some of the assertion made by people who chatted with us about our little hobby.

Swingers are sleazy:
Well we are open about our needs and wants with our spouse. We have had sex before we were married with other people, if I fell over dead I would assume my spouse would eventually have sex again with another person. So we share our intimacy with each other. Why do the affair thing when an affair can only lead to one logical conclusion?

You do not respect your spouse:
Had a guy who wanted to meet us for “play time.” I asked him when he married if they were going to swing. He said no I will love and respect my wife not share her. We were speechless! What he can’t respect his wife’s desires? Needs? He owns her body? But he could come get some from another’s wife? You love your wife enough to dictate what she will feel and when she will feel it? You can’t be married with out trust, we trust each other that no matter how sexy the lover is, we know who is going home to stay with whom that night, and every night.

You must be a homo to watch your wife:
I love this one too. I am gay because I watch, a man and a woman have sex. Wow that is just flaming, lets turn on a Will and Grace marathon! We are not into same sex contact at all. I know it must a macho thing they must try to be the alpha buck in the forest that has access to the most females, and this guy must think he is an alpha buck? Well as soon as “alpha” looses any fight guess who now has the females? Guess what female does not want you to have access to her?

You are a wuss to lets guys do your wife:
Well must be that alpha thing again? I know many out there play the “cuckold game” that is their business. We treat each other’s as equals, and expect the guest(s) in our bed to behave as honored guests. We ask the men we consider what if your own mother, sister, daughter, or wife was going to swing, how would you want the men to behave? Well behave, as you would want those men to behave.

You must be horny:
Not more than anyone else. We have careers, education, bills, family, kiddoes, and futures to consider just like anyone else. We are no different than anyone else, except we are open about our sexuality in our marriage. We do not have sex 24/7/365, every time we have a friend over we do not have sex. Most of our friends and family would have a coronary if they knew! It is a lifestyle, for us a type of hobby. Sex is a choice like food, career, where to live ect. Sex is a part of life not the controlling factor.

Someone might steal your spouse by doing them better than you:
We got this ego trip statement from both men and women saying that one night with them will change our spouse forever. We find that very very funny. We want our spouses lover to be good in bed, and to do for them what we can’t. Variety is the spice of life! Who wants bad sex, do you see any ads seeking and lousy lover for boring times?? Give me a break. If my spouse wanted to leave there is the door. We are together because we choose to be, or else the marriage would not be real, it would be based on a lie. We are secure enough to know who is loyal to whom. Also the challenge thing is often a ploy to allow the “visitor” to get his/her way. They want you to let them have a shot at sex with the spouse so they can get what they want. They will claim that the spouse was not that good in bed anyway so they will not be back if we do not feed their ego how they want.

As all swingers go we are not about to share the most important person in our lives with some defective individual male or female. We only seek people who are healthy in all five aspects of their lives, mentally, spiritually, physically, socially, and intellectually. We want those walking on a similar path, as we are. We seek those who are willing to give and take equally.

Hope you week goes well

Apolybear 54M

5/20/2005 1:09 pm

I like your stuff on swinging. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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