Most embarressing moments.  

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6/13/2005 12:30 pm

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Most embarressing moments.

Song of the day: You make loving fun-Fleetwood Mac

Sexy faux pas, blunders, and embarrassing happenings, while in the act

We are sure it happens to everyone, caught in the act, and something goes wrong, and it is funny or embarrassing. Being married to each other for 17 years we have had our share of silliness during the love motion.

Last week or so after going down and devouring her, she was playing cow girl and having a little ride. All the sudden her eyes went wide, she blurts out oh shit! I am like what? What happened? She says I forgot to go to the store, tuna was on sale five for a dollar. I just laid there not knowing to be pissed and offended, or to bust out laughing. Then she tries to cover for herself by saying the coupon is good until Friday, and to continue. hahahahah. (Place blonde joke here) grin.

A few years ago Wifey was sitting in my lap being flirty, and whispering naughty things in my ear. I said “You are a naughty girl, I need to spank you.” Suddenly a voice behind us says very sternly “ If you are naughty, you go to time out, we do not hit in this family!” Our then 4 year old was awake came into the living room and over heard what I said. We started laughing, and rewarded our kid for taking what we say to heart, and that we were proud of him. But the timing? Hahaha.

One time a got back from my morning run, and had some time before work. Seeing wifey still in her nitey, I thought a morning romp would be a good idea. I came up behind her, ran my hands over her body, and she responded like things were going to go well. She turned, and as I went to kiss her deeply, she suddenly pulled away. I was like what the hell? She said go look in mirror. Sigh, a big icky greenish booger was hanging from my nose. Bleeech! One mood shot to hell.

Once while playing teenager, we went out where we used to park as teenagers. It was late fall but still a nice weekday night. Finally had her bend over the hood of the car, then suddenly headlights. We dashed back into the car, and zoomed off, not dressed. Luckily our wallets were in the car, and us PE Majors always carry spare sweats, so getting back into the house was no problem. But damn she lost a pair of white pants and sexy undies. We tore off and left the clothes there. I bet someone had a great laugh. Who is up that late on a school night? Arrrgghh!

Once while camping, was enjoying her body in the great out doors. While in fast motion enjoying the call of the wild, the new $80.00 air mattress suddenly explodes. We fell straight down. We like going down but that was ridicules.

What are some mishaps that happened to you while you were in the act?

Have a great day


AltumHunksUnite 53M

6/13/2005 7:07 pm

My wife and I were going at it in our bedroom and her 7-year old little brother walked in the door. Up over us went the sheets, genitals separate, we face the door and say "Uh, Rudy, please go watch TV." It was her other two brothers that put Rudy up to it and you could hear them laughing in the other room. Several occasions following that day, not understanding the true meaning of the word, Rudy called me a "sexist".

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