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MFM article from forum

THose darrned "banned words" happened again?
I removed all numbers, and anythign that remotly looked like an address or phone number. still no go so it is in the comment section
sorry for the paper chase..

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6/30/2005 8:46 pm

Ok for the science of the MFM I am not going to list sources like a college paper. These are relatively obvious traits of human nature, I am sure you observed on your own. So you can see this confirmed with a trip to the library, or a good google search. I just put it in a different perspective is all.

Now for a list of the players of a MFM Threesome, and their characteristics.

Nature of Women: Ever since we were hunter gathers living in caves, women sought security. She would seek the healthiest, best providing male she could. Then she could count on food, shelter, and protection for her and her offspring. Offspring are a huge investment, so she would be rather selective with whom she mates with. Even modern ladies with the security of a good husband will fantasize of the “cave man,” “wild type,” “rebel,” or “biker type.” The excitement of primitive sex still lurks in the heart of your sweet little cupcake.

Nature of Men: Men do compete for positions of power. A good hunter could challenge for chief because he could promise resources to those loyal to him. He could also promise resources to his wife/wives. The modern corporate ladder/military is no different, guys strive to alpha. Having control of resources meant more selection of healthy, attractive, fertile females. Male offspring could secure you a power position, because it meant followers with your traits. Wanting to provide scarce resources for only your children often had women in a secondary position. To solve the problem of men wanting to mate frequently, but yet allow no access to his wife/wives, the prostitute came to be. To choose the best possible mate, men visually choose a curvy hourglass feminine figure, with a youthful appearance.

Conclusions: This situation of the female seeking security and excitement, and males wanting to mate as often as possible, but give up no more resource than necessary, the affair was created. In studies it shows that the key to affairs is the female. Female monkeys “owned” by the alpha male were shown mating with the alpha, acting loyal to him, then boom she is off with another male monkey, doing the naughty monkey. Unless men have homosexual affairs, the men are having sex with women. When DNA testing came out twenty to fourty percent of the men listed on birth certificate were NOT the biological fathe/r, maybe little cupcake is answering the call of the wild? So men and women do still compete for access to each other, and married people often show desirable traits, that is why they are married.

So what does this “cave dweller” and obvious human nature have to do with MFM threesome being a naturally advantageous situation? Well let’s review our team members.


Safety: The safety net of a husband allows the wife to enjoy her adventure to the fullest. She can still experience all the sensations of a dangerous liaison, with out truly being in jeopardy. With her husband present the odds of a truly dangerous man are decreased substantially. She can still enjoy the thrill of being seduced, the touch of a stranger, and the general naughtiness of it all, and not risk her home and access to resources.

Exciting: She can experience the thrill of the hunt, and of being hunted. She can be the center of attention for both men, and all those primitive feelings that bring her femininity to life, come to the surface.

Spoil: Women always say there are never enough good men to choose from, now she can enjoy the company the two excellent men, and in her own way “one up” her sisters of the tribe.

No harm: The husband is involved, and maybe even chosen the man for this. She has no fear of losing her home or relationship. Life has many stressors, the kids, the bill, the job, this or that is going wrong, well now for a few hours it is all about the lady of the house.

Ego Boost: When a wife has kiddos, gains a few years, she might feel less attractive than she did just a few years ago. Knowing she is wanted by another, can satisfy another, and is pursued by another, she can regain her confidence and feel sexy inside, which will show on the outside.

Variety: Everybody wonders what it would be like, and would like to experience new things. We love our favorite restaurant, but still eat at other places. She can learn a few new things, and experience many new things with a different lover. He will touch her differently, kiss her differently, and move different as he does her. She can experience different body types, different sizes, different ages, the list goes on and on.

Physical ability: Women generally find being multi orgasmic easier than guys. Women often joke/insult guys who end the show in three minutes. Well with another guy, no three minutes here babe! With more lovers, she can stay horny, and be satisfied longer.

Summary: Variety is the spice of life.


Non-committal: He is not going to take or marry this lady, so he can let traits he would not like in a wife slide. He can still pursue his own possible relationships with out worry of what the girl he is doing will think. He can like his “girlfriend” with out crossing lines. The negative “sticky situation” is typically not in the equation. Higher odds of moving on gracefully with out drama, and on good terms.

Return on investment: Dinner and a movie for two can easily hit $200.00, then if you both hit it off, you get to start all over again the next date. With a couple you pitch in what is fair, at times you can treat them to dinner or get the hotel room. With this your wallet is not a factor, your personality is.

Drama and “Issues”: With a serious girlfriend or fiancĂ©e her troubles become yours. Family issues become yours, her children, her financial woes, ect. With a couple the only drawbacks to issues would be a canceled date.

Safety: He will not have to worry about an angry hubby chasing him with a weapon or something. Couples have a higher chance of being drug and disease free. Generally wanting to keep things discreet, the benefits will stay a secret.

Skilled Lover: The wife has been sexual for many years with her hubby, and watching them might give you ideas that you can use later. Experienced wife might be willing to try things other ladies will not.

Excitement: Men are visual; watching ad having the same lady is a ultimate turn on for many. He also gets the thrill of the chase, the flirtation, and the first time she gets undressed. The rush you knowing she will have you, and you will have her. Something about the naughtiness of doing another guys wife, you do not mean to disrespect, but you are involved in the very essence of their marriage. You can also enjoy watching two long time lovers comfortable with each other doing what came naturally to them for years. They have the rhythm of their dance down to perfection.

Summary: Why buy the cow when you have free milk?


No Harm: Your little cupcake is doing what she does naturally, flirt, tease, and draw men to her, why not enjoy what she does. You get to approve or veto the men. This guy might even become a good friend with hidden benefits. They are not going behind your back, so you can enjoy the ride. Considering forty to sixty percent of women have affairs anyway, why not be a part of this?

New Aspects of Wife: Never knew the mother of your kiddoes could be so naughty? Never got to see her eyes roll in ecstasy from this angle. Love how she glows when her lover sends an email, or talks to her on the phone? Especially love how she goes animal after the adventure, knowing you love and trust her this much? Don’t you just love how she will still gasp when you bring up this sexy adventure years later, and still take you for a wild ride?

New Ideas: Another man can bring up things you never thought of. New position, new location, or new game, why not?

Extra man more willing to provide a specific fantasy: Want your wife seduced by a bad boy milkman? A pretend sheriff arresting her with no bail money? I have an idea of how to get the charges dismissed. Other wild fantasies, or live shows you would love to see starring your dear wife? Well an extra man is probably more than willing to accommodate requests.

Excitement: Your wife of many years putting on a real live sex show just for you. You as her hubby are the key to her heart, and the key to her body. Seeing her let loose and go wild is over the top to say the least. Also as much as extra guy loves the idea that he is having another’s wife, you know he is enjoying a great lover, and this great lover will be going home with you, and staying home with you. No matter how much she spoils her “boyfriend” she is your wife, and it is you who are truly the winner of the situation.

Ego Boosts: Being told how lucky you are to have such a woman in your life is very boosting. Knowing this sexy lady has it where it counts, and other guy know it too. The guy telling you she is incredible brings a feeling I cannot describe.

Summary: If you got it flaunt it!

This is not for everyone, I am sure there are many out there who cannot fathom the idea. Others get the creepy shivers at the whole idea. But for those you are into it, it is another way to express the synergy that should exist between men and women. If we learn to go with how others do things and see thing, we all can come out winners. This is another way to avoid forcing a square peg through a round hole.

Thanks for reading and best wishes


Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/3/2005 2:13 pm

Well many married swingers are so into their marriage they could never cheat on spouse. So they could never help anyone cheat on a spouse. Thye probably figure if you will lie to your own spouse you will lie to anyone abotu anything.
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