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7/2/2005 4:12 pm

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Just storing crap

AM getting ready to change our profile, so wanted to store our other one.

Profile for Philosophy_N_Sex
Hello and welcome to silly introductions, a bunch of different celebrities will introduce this couple.
Private Eye Sam Spade with the intro:
Was a balmy night while checking out the personals, looking to spice up my life, then they walked in, with their silly, sarcastic sense of humor, down to earth mentality. mid 30’s quiet, low maintenance, no drama, no baggage. They are your best friend, or your worst enemy. Wisdom they had giving up good paying jobs to focus on family and live a simpler happier life.

To intro the Wife, Yoda:
Warm hearted she is, but weak she is not, 5’4” she stands, yes, fuller figured but not that full. Baby damage carries she, but work on it she does. Hair long she has, sexy hair, yes. Professional, quiet, lady by day, out of this world by night. Family important to her is they, family types find attractive she does. When trust you she does, rewarded with sexy times you will be. Silent sexiness flows through her. But beware, treachery, lies, manipulation, the dark side she can call upon, show you she will if you cross her. Eyes change, lightning flies, beware you should.

Hubby is introduced by Mr Spock:
Logic dictates this human male is about 5’9”, dark hair brown eyes. A life coach by profession. Fascinating how he is found highly attractive or highly unattractive by females. His humor is a torrential flow of illogic. Fellow humans find him easy to talk to, and helpful. He is on this Pon-Far related web site daily to interact with others, and voice his most illrational thoughts with others, as to engage in conversation as most humans do.

What they seek as read by Twilight Zone Rod Serling:
Submitted for your approval, discreet friends with benefits, who can play later at night say 10 to midnight, with the occasional afternoons and weekends. Casually they can meet all friends most other times. Men women and couples with who are straight are welcome to inquire about playtime. All are welcome to say hi and chat, and exchange those ideas that trouble men's souls. Consider if you will discretion, cleanliness, and respect for both spouses. They only wish to cross over with a select few, because quality is better that quantity in this twilight zone.

What they do not play as read by Scooby Doo:
Ro mystery here HEHEHE no ramming up the rum rum, no no to the butt. Ro pain or BDSM for them. Ro one who seeks or has done man-man can play, big turn off ror them. No riminals, registered offenders, or abusers of any rype. Please rask if you want to know more. HEHEHE Whipped cream Scooby snack time!

That made no Sense, so to list the no-nos John Wayne:
Whoa there pilgrim, we dont play with the back door in this here town. No toys, fingers or manhood needs to invade her exit space. Listen up people, they will be casual friends with all types and orientations, but male playmats need to have always been a man among men. If you had down and dirty contact with another man, please do not ask to play. They are not loading their wagons for pain, toilet, S&M, D/s, they are pretty vanilla, except for the swapping watching with other pilgrims. If you think they will change their minds or change who they are, you got anotehr thing coming! they aint gunna hit ya, they anit gunna hit ya, the hell they aint!

Ideal Person:
What type of person they seek by Captain James T Kirk:
Don't be out of your Vulcan mind! Drama has no place on this ship Mister! A bad day and unloading on a friend is different than trying to gain attention by constant pity oh pity me. Moderate your temper man, act like an officer. If you can't be respectful, discreet, you can't play. Sane fun folks looking for fun and friends, you have got to hang in there, you've got to communicate, so they can know you. Dammit Bones, good people are hard to find. Only, I say only, good people with best intentions communicate equally and openly. This is not emotional chess or poker if you try the Korbinite maneuver, you will end up with green slave women.

Physical type by the late James Stewart:
N-n-n-now now now wait just a doggone minute, why do I get the shortest lines here? They seek those who are drug & disease free, no registered offenders and good folks who know how to shower. Prefer non non non smokers, and that is about all the limits.

Personality Type sought read by Godfather Vito Corleone:
You come to this web site and you show no respect. You respect married people, and family, you aint a man if you don't care for family. You best like to laugh, do you think I'm funny? You don't call me Godfather, and you don't watch Monty Python? You can laugh with us or take a ride with my boys.

Preferences as read by Grissom from CSI:
Subjects should not seek any sexually deviant activities. Anal, pain, toilet, and humiliation are off limits. Exhibitionism, voyeurism, spouse sharing, fantasy role-play are the norms of this sub culture, as the evidence suggests.

Sex fantasy as read by a Dolphin:
Eeeeee-eeeee-eeeeek-iiiiii-nnnneeennn nene-eeeeeeeeee..chirp chirp. (we apologize)

Conclusion by OBI-Wan Kenobi:
For nearly 1000 generations or about 4 years, they have sought long-term friend(s) with benefits. But don't be seduced by the dark side, you must know yourself, you need to know your wants and desires, a most serious commitment it takes to become a swinger. They do not accept truth from a certain point of view. Help us, are you our last hope, or has the Emperor already won?

Apolybear 54M

7/2/2005 9:59 pm

All right P&S, I know what you're up to. Just a cheessy attempt to get your profile out in front of more people? I'm proud of you...lol

I wouldn't change your profile much if at all. That's one of the best profiles I've seen. I've had a few women tell me they like YOUR profile. If you can improve on it, my hat's off to you.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/3/2005 2:05 pm

Thank Bear

No not trying to get free publicity, but just trying something completely different.
Women liked our profile? Wow thansk fro making my day telling me this.

expatbrit49 62M

7/3/2005 4:13 pm

PMSL that was great you should post the entire thing

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

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