How we define things to our playmate(s)  

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6/7/2005 1:32 pm

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How we define things to our playmate(s)

Our profile has a lot of humor, but also spells out what we seek, and what we don’t seek. However humor can cloud the seriousness of what we mean when we use a certain term. So here is our dictionary of what we mean. For those thinking they might to be our friends with benefits.

Friends with Benefits: Means a friend first. We can talk to you, confide in you, and be ourselves with out judgment or power plays. Think somewhere between swinging and Polyamory.

Friend: Not thinking we are your personal 900 number, and it always has to be sex, all the time every time. Taking a sincere, not faked interest in our lives, ideas, hopes and dreams. A relationship can be sexual, and friendship based at the same time, trust us we have been doing it for years.

Discreet: Means there are only three or four people in the world that know there is sexual activity. When others are present we are casual friends, save the sexual and cuddly stuff for alone time. What happens here stays here.

Long Term: Meaning you intend to keep the friendship for several months, if not years. Not a one-time thing.

Straight: For guys it means, NEVER had sexual relations with another man, are not looking for male-male relations, and will never have man-man sexual relations. This includes getting bum in prison. For a woman means no female-female contact with wifey. We will be glad to be casual friends with you, but play is out of the question.

Casual Friends: Non-sexual friends, but a friend nonetheless.

Respecting Spouse: Understanding you are dating married people, and the spouses feelings are as important as yours.

Late Night Meeting: Means 10:30 at night and/or later.

Occasional Day meeting: Means about 3 times a year we can skip a day and play.

Honestly: Saying what happened or what you intend to have happen.

Integrity: Doing what you say.

Open: Meaning you will tell us your real name, about your life ect. Answer open and honestly.

No: means N and O as in not negotiable.

Yes: Bring it on baby love!

Scenario, Script, Fantasy, Mood: An outline of the “playtime” or sexual activity, and how she/we would like them to progress.

Family: Meaning they come first, any time they wake up, are sick or need something, “play date “is over. Understanding people get things made up to them later, with interest.

Understanding: Acknowledging that things happen, and dates get canceled.

Comprehending: Having read, and understood everything, not just skipping over it saying yeah yeah yeah, lets get to the fucking dammit.

Communication does lead to the best life has to offer. If we can't not get to know you, why would we invite you to become more?

Apolybear 54M

6/8/2005 4:54 pm

I didn't know Webster's had an alternative lifestyle

It’s too bad we live so far apart. We really see eye to eye on many things. Live long and prosper guys.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

6/8/2005 7:36 pm

Yeah it does seem we think alike on many things. IS this a positive thing?? hahaaahah

Apolybear 54M

6/10/2005 8:54 pm

I wondered the same

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