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HotWife 101

Song of the day: She’s a Lady- Tom Jones
Alternate song for the day: Cherry Pie-Warrant
Good thoughts of the day: For the people of London, and for those enduring Hurricane Dennis.

This is some of the stuff about Hot Wives “HWs”, their husbands, and the dynamic of their lifestyle. This comes from several web pages, and health/psych/sociology/and sex ed text books.

This text is seen on nearly all “hotwife” sites we have encountered.
“Perhaps you've seen her at the clubs on a Friday night. She's a beautiful woman, mature, in control, and dressed to kill. You notice that her flirting has made her the center of attention and she is completely un-intimidated by the group of guys who are taking a strong interest in her. You then realize that her left hand, which is rubbing the crotch of one gentleman, wears a wedding band and an engagement ring. Her right ankle, which is softly rubbing against the leg of another man, wears a single ankle bracelet. As she makes her way out of the bar, escorted by new friends, you notice that she smiles knowingly to a gentleman who had been watching the whole scene from afar...her husband.”

Hotwife Dictionary, not in alphabetical order.

Hotwife, naughty wife, slut wife, whore wife: A married woman who enjoys sexual activity with men who are not her husband. She engages this lifestyle with the consent and encouragement of her husband.

Wifewatcher, hotwifer, wife share, spousal hospitality, HW Hubby: A man who is excited by his wife’s extramarital trysts. He often arranges, watches, or participates in his wife’s activities. Usually takes a more assertive and active role and is not considered lesser to wife or her lover. Both spouses are intolerant of any disrespect to either spouse.

Cuckold: Named for the Cuckoo bird, a bird that places it’s eggs in the nest of another bird so they raise a Cuckoo as their own. Here the husband seeks to be humiliated by wife and her lover by the wife claimer her lover is bigger/better. Often the wife seeks to become pregnant from her lover(s). The lover might make the husband perform symbolic gestures of submission such as placing lovers penis into the wife, paying for a tattoo with his name on the wife ect. The wife will often deny sexual access to her husband, but carry on excessively with her lover(s).

Sub hubby, wimp hubby: See cuckold above.

Cream pie eating: Those husbands who enjoy performing oral sex on his wife after intercourse with another man. (Whew, typed it with out loosing lunch, bleeeeech).

BBC and Queen of Spades-BBC is not British Broadcasting Company in this case, but means Big Black Cock. She and her hubby look fro black men for her trysts.

LQ:Latin Queen-seeks Latino men for her pleasures.

Common traits of Hot wives:
HW’s will be confident, intelligent, typically above average looking, over 30, educated, successful, with a strong presence. Typically choose careers or professions where they are the hub of things. She will know what she wants and will settle for nothing less. In spite of an open lifestyle she will be choosy in her selection of lovers. She is very dedicated to her family, and is deeply in love with her husband. Her strength will demonstrate why her hubby is a strong individual to equal her, or a sub hubby that cow-tows to her.

Common Traits of Hot Wifer Hubbies:
Usually attractive, confident, over 30, educated, mature, with a high mental and emotional IQ. Often athletic or in an athletic career. May not be homophobic, but are exclusively straight. Still looks at and appreciates the beauty of women, but rarely catcalls or does things to make them uncomfortable. Typically will have many casual female friends. HWers are also very family oriented.

Comparisons and contrasts to swingers:
Similarities-Both often have a stronger marriage than classical monogamous couples. Both realize society has not progressed to the point of being open about the life, so it is with others of the subculture they seek, usually very discreet about their sex lives. Both are regular people with all the problems and concerns of the average family, only difference is their sex lives involve others. Both grant spouses absolute unquestioned veto power. Both have to deal with ignorance, and others thinking they have sex with anyone at any time.

Differences-Swingers typically are a couple with a bi female seeking another couple with a bi female. Swingers see this arrangement as having the most options, and best chance of satisfaction for all. HW’s the wife is the one exploring sex with others, the husband gains all he needs from his wife’s reports of her adventures, or watching her and her lover(s).

Comparisons between Wife watchers and cuckolds:
Similarities-Both husbands are more attentive to their wives that the usual husband. Both gain arousal and satisfaction from his wife’s extra marital trysts. Both enjoy suggesting what the wife should wear when on a date or on the prowl.

Differences-HotWifer is her equal, and will not tolerate disrespect, where the cuck expects to be humiliated by the wife and her lover. Cucks often fantasize about wife being preg by another guy; Hwer will not desire this at all. Hwers will often use their veto power on her lovers, the cuck rarely will.

Why would anyone choose this lifestyle? It seems out of balance she gets to play while he watches or waits?
Everyone has their “thing” that brings them over the edge. Some jump out of planes, some race cars, others go for this.
For husbands-
It is a show off thing, like the shiny new toy, or hot car.
Live show starring the most important woman in his life.
No matter how good he lover is, she will come back to him, always reaffirming her love and desire for her husband, and nobody else.
Men are visual, and seeing his wife in the throws of passion is very exciting
Is the second highest listed fantasy behind man with two women
A woman being sexual will boost testosterone; in a guy over 30 it is a good thing to have happen
Adds general fire and passion to the marriage

For Hot Wives-
Women by nature are exhibitionist; she can show off for her husband
Women reach their peak in their 30’s
Women can handle multiple partners, extra lover is foreplay for her.
Husbands of HW are more attentive, because he is also having an “affair” with his wife
Spring in her step, a smile, and a general glow of a woman newly in love, because she is being pursued and loves it!
With him trusting you enough to have boyfriend(s), most of the little power games are not played
Adds fire and passion to the marriage
Watching and sharing you is what rocks his world, so he will be faithful much more often than a typical married guy when faced with temptation.

Where do you find a hotwife to hook up with?
Unless she is “fully dressed to kill,” you may never know. While she is on the prowl she will typically have on an obviously “gaudy” wedding ring, or her engagement ring linked to her wedding band, and maybe another ring to draw attention to her ring. With this she will have on her RIGHT ankle an anklet. Sometimes she will make it easy and her anklet will have HW, MFM, male-female-male symbol circle arrow circle cross-circle arrow, a Q followed by a spade symbol, BBC, or any other engraving from fuck me, to I fuck, he watches. Often HW’s from small areas will list on the Internet seeking those passing through; this allows them to be discreet. Some will seek you if you live a discreet distance and travel to your town.

Hotwife etiquette for the solo male:
HWers come in many varieties. Assuming the hubby is a wimp or cuckold could land you with a trip to the hospital, one would be wise to know what they seek, and their rules. The couple is very much in love, thinking the hubby pimps out his wife because he does not respect or love her can get you told off or worse. Assuming they will have sex all the time every time with anyone is both insulting and annoying. Unless they have a cuckold relationship, her husband is skilled well-endowed lover the extra lover is spice. They do this for fun, not because she is bored, lonely or dissatisfied. Ignoring the husband will get you a good bye no matter if they are cuck or not. The HW couple does also seek skilled, comfident lovers because who wants “lousy sex.” Do remember your place, have fun, and enjoy this naughty experience. Behave the way you would want an extra guy to behave if you had a naughty wife.

How can a single guy find a HW to marry what personality traits will she show?
Well it is not something one asks on a first date “ hey, if we get married can I watch you fuck other guys?” But you can feel out her tendencies and see if she could become or already is a HW. Some traits.

She was adulterous with her previous spouse, but is a confident, mentally stable lady.
She is not shy in telling the details of her sexual past.
She is harmlessly flirtatious often.
She does not show bi sexual interests, but often knows swingers.
She seems naturally concerned for the welfare of others, often in a “helper” profession.
She is confident with men, and sets her boundaries, and expects them followed.
Many other women think she is a “bitch.”
The “Indecent proposal” movie question is always a good test. Start at a million bucks, and work your way down. If an attractive guy offered you a mill would you? 100K? 100 bucks? Just do it?

For the single ladies who want to be HWs and want to know if the guy you have your eye on might jump into the lifestyle with you.

He exudes confidence.
He has healthy platonic relationships with women.
He will often have many female friends, who often seek advice from him.
He is an unusually good listener.
Unusually attentive to you with out being creepy or possessive.
You will feel like you are being interviewed by him many times over.
Will ask about your sexual past innocently and flirtatiously, like he is teasing.
When he asks about your previous adultery, he will not judge the sex, but the situation leading to the choice. Testing if you are a slut wife or just a slut.
When you tell of your sexual past, as you get more detailed about the acts he will become more attentive, almost hanging on your every word. If his breathing rate increases, bingo!
The “Indecent proposal” movie question is always a good test. Start at a million bucks, and work your way down. If he asks to watch, even if he laughs when saying it, bingo!

For ladies seeking a cuck.
Many of the traits listed above except when you use your “bitch tone” see if he drops his eyes to the ground, if he does he has potential as a cuck.
Will have “mothering” instincts.
Will self often say unsolicited self-derogatory things about his manhood.

There are some of the why’s, how’s, and who’s of the Hot Wives and their husbands. Just us exploring human nature! No the author is not a cuck in any way shape or form. And Yes she has three anklets.

Apolybear 54M

7/8/2005 7:36 pm

I actually recognize some of this from other sites I've seen.

But here's the million dollar question: How many of these "women" are actually real and actually wish to meet?

ExploreMore4Me 59F

7/9/2005 9:37 am

P&S...I learned something here today! Wow...this anklet thingie...I've worn a diamond anklet on my left anklet, for what seeems like forever...I wear one, first, because I love jewelery; 2nd, though I'm short in stature, one of my best physical assest is my legs. I have very shaply, muscular calves but my ankles are very thin and delicate. I love the way the anklet accents the look of my legs, especially when wearing stiletto's. I NEVER knew there was a "special" signal or representation that an anklet gives off. So, my question now is: The woman who wears the anklet on the LEFT ankle, what impression does this give off? Enlighten me on this one Oh Wise Master Of Blogville!


Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/9/2005 11:22 am

Well Bear some guy could have created the concept, and others took on the idea and have doen it for real. So if these web sites were created as a joke, but the married couples are gaining a good time, and all the benefits, then who is the joke really on?

But the "hot wife susan" or who ever sites are probably just masterbation material, and pocket cash for someone. True HW do not seek money, big no-no!

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/9/2005 11:40 am

Well do you also show your wedding band? We have inadvertently drawn attention not meaning to. Might be some of the reason you get hit on, between being attractive already, and wearing an anklet might give a clue you did not mean to. Do men approach you and as a couple, out of the blue? When out at a club do guys just show up "HI I am "Tom" may I sit here?" Wear the flashiest wedding band you have and your anklet in Vagas ahahaha evil laughter....

idahoSmile 51M
27 posts
7/9/2005 4:13 pm

I have only one question: Who's legs in the pic?

Just being evil too.

Apolybear 54M

7/9/2005 4:55 pm

Hey P&S, I'm curious too. What does wearing an anklet bracelet on the left ankle (and right) signify? I’d hate to think I was missing signals from available women all these years…lol

patsam69 51M/51F

7/9/2005 6:31 pm

uh oh....I have an ankle bracelet tattooed around my right ankle! is that why men keep following me every where I go?

YEAH!!! I wish!

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/9/2005 8:15 pm

Idsmile-It is just some pic off the net, might talk the wife into posting a pic of hers.

Bear-Well I only know her right ankle and weddign ring might mean a hotwife, ready for your pleasure. On the left ankle not sure what it signals?

Pat & Sam-I am sure men following you willingly and often.. you are being modest

sexycoupleTN2 52M/45F

7/10/2005 8:21 pm

Hmmm....very VERY interesting! We (hubby and have that sort of relationship. However, I am very willing to let him have his fun if and when that opportunity arises. I never knew so much info on being a HW was out there! And gee...I have the right ankle thing going on already with out knowing it. I too have an ankleband tatooed (sp?) there. Thanks for the bit of info...enjoyed your blog

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/11/2005 10:48 am

Hi sexycoupleTN2
thanks for checking us out. Hope you find all that you seek

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