Does good and evil exist, or is it point of view?  

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7/19/2005 3:33 pm

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Does good and evil exist, or is it point of view?

After thinking over my last post, I was pondering a few things. Does the “no win” situation exist?

With conflict, all the conflict resolution courses I ever took have a glaring weakness. They assume both sides of the conflict are rational. When mediating you ask each side what they want, and create a way that both can achieve their wants. You ask one to remove barriers, or point out policy/law that conflict with their actions. All this is done in a calm polite manner, spinning everything toward the positive.

In real life often those who mess things up for others, are not rational. They do it because they can, because they need to feel important, or who the hell knows why. It basically comes down to they do it because they can. There is no seeable consequence for their actions. Like a bratty kid who has parents that never get after them, they do what they want, with no thought of self-control.

In nature natural checks and balance kick in. Would you walk up and kick a lion? Do you play piƱata with a beehive? No because you would pay an unpleasant price for those action. Crime prevention list things you can do to not appear like a victim. Two healthy men walking down street not much chance of a mugging, little old lady walking away from the ATM alone, prime target. There are ways to fend off an adult bully, such as hold evidence of their actions, use legal means to make their life hell, or be elsewhere, out of range. Once most bullies know you will consume time and energy, and will fight, they will often go away. Same as a pack of wolves will not go after a healthy buck, they know it will cost them one or two of their pack mates to take him. Again that is rational, many want to crush those that do fight for whatever reason. A pack of wolves is more rational than some people.

They take the same stance that it is life or death, as if it were you or I taking on a street thug that is going to hurt a family member. They see you as an enemy combatant, and you must be destroyed at all costs. They are either overt bullies who are in a power position, such as a boss, or a thug with a weapon. Even passive aggressive position such someone who files false “sexual harassment” claims, or fake “ .’ Their goal is to destroy for whatever reason.

That has always been a weakness of mine, when people do something mean, for the hell of it. I was always stunned by it. Why would any one do that? What purpose? If irrational acts are a part of life how does one adapt and defend?

Anyone have any ideas of how to deal with irrational people? Since emotional health is an element of health, I could do a thesis on this, it is an area mostly untouched. “Being rational in an irrational world?” Other than just going away, how do you cope with irrational? With out becoming irrational yourself?

rm_venture12002 62M
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7/19/2005 5:07 pm

First yes, I believe evil exsists.When you have looked in the eyes of those who can torture or kill with no feeling and maybe even get pleasure from it you will believe.Which I tried to argue with liberals in the past.I have since given up on that.The main point you make is the big one (be it with a government or one person).How can you be rational with somebody who gets thier way through force.It's all they know and they will only back off from those they think will hurt them in return.It's cold.It's ugly, but it's part of life.I hate violence.That's why I moved from where I grew up.Half of the guys I grew up with are doing life.However that being said I learned fast that when confronted I had to make it clear I would hurt them badly, and soon as they saw I wouldn't take it I had no problems.I say we are not so far from animals as some like to think.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/19/2005 8:02 pm

Hi Venture, thanks for replying.

I often wonder if “evil” exists or if it is a point of view. Some of Spanish Inquisition, or witch-hunts, felt they were doing God work tying people to the stake, or the rack. Hitler felt he had a destiny to bring a new utopia. SO they did evil from a point of view.

If space aliens took over the earth, and I could steal a shuttle and crash it into the mother ship and do damage, I would, because it is war. The aliens would think I am evil, and the humans that got killed off in retaliation would think the aliens were evil, or I was evil for causing punishment.

As social creatures the Hierarchy is natural. When I tell my little one NO! She will cry in anger, then go hit the cat, to show her social rank. Then over time she learns more acceptable ways to be angry, but in her natural state, show the social rank. Wolves do the social rank thing all the time, eventually challenging the alpha, when the alpha shows a weakness.

So it seems being about to defend yourself is a necessary evil. You moved from the tough street to bring your family up safely, very wise. Often intelligence wins over brute force, because brute force can only do one thing, the smart creature can adapt to favorable conditions quickly

Apolybear 54M

7/19/2005 11:47 pm

Sorry, I don’t believe in good and evil ‒ only perception of good and evil. One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. I seem to recall the British calling America terrorists and separatists during the American Revolution. However, societies do share common perceptions of good and evil…

I agree, some people are irrational and have their own agendas. You can avoid them when possible, subdue them if you have the power, give them what they want if there’s no option, or just shoot them if they piss you off…lol

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/20/2005 10:57 am

Hey Bear

Glad to see you are pro gun grin
or anti idiot

Nakedlovers69 57M/38F

7/20/2005 12:23 pm

"Against stupidity, God himself is helpless."

From Issac Asimove's 'The God's Themselves'

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/20/2005 7:54 pm

Hey Nakedlovers
Love Asmov, wish I was half as smart as he

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