Chill out.  

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4/27/2005 12:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chill out.

It seems in this day and age the individual is losing value. We have all become cogs in a wheel. Most of us do not know our neighbors; many do not care to know them. We apply to work with a company, put in much unpaid overtime, weekends, and nights so we can be downsized on a whim. I know we are supposed to think it is giving to the greater good. Yeah right. We get an education, so we can apply to a company and give them free perks, and make the rich suits richer. Greater good in advancing the advantaged?

On a site like this it all seems to be meet now! Sex NOW! I want what I want and want it NOW! You had better be the hottest body in the world! How many real people fit this description? Why do you think Hollywood stars are in Hollywood? Because they are very good looking, maybe you think?

Competition is fine, but when in balance. All this devaluing of the individual is doing is causing people to resort to “bad” tactics to try and get their needs met. Some adapt a strategy that is very aggressive and full of tricks to get what they want. Thinking it is a dog eat dog world I best be a pit bull. This attitude creates a down ward cycle where people resist the pit bulls out of self defense, which makes them use more tricks and tactics to obtain their goal. So the pit bull stops being an individual because they are now classified as a pit bull. The pit bulls want sex so he/she will "scam suckers" to get it. So no longer is the mentality that this is “Tom” “Mary” or “The Smiths.” Predator and prey, what became of win-win?

Slow down most of life is a journey not the destination. Buy a VW Bus (hippy van) and take a slow tour, stop and smell the roses.

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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5/29/2005 3:13 pm

Just a comment on the VW van idea. I was just thinking back on the (4) Vans I owned back in the 70's. Of course the gas was much cheaper then... But Things were slower then! I did stop and smell the roses. Took many wonderful cross-country trips.

But, I also learned a lot. About people, places, and VW auto mechanics. Clutch cable, throw out Bering, seals, I can take an engine out in an hour. Most of the trips were highlighted by the times we broke down and had to stop in places we had not planned on. Meeting special people that we would not have met, seeing things that we would not have seen. Having experiences that are memorable to this day..

Great memories! Thanks……

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

5/31/2005 1:22 pm

Thank you for the great post. VW vans do break down?? ohhh, I did not knwo that grin. Good thing they are easy to fix. AM thinking of getting a VWVan for family trips, with gas like it is, crusing wit ha 4 cylinder is ok with us

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