A swingers bill of rights????  

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5/11/2005 12:11 pm

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A swingers bill of rights????

We use this with our potential playmates, maybe you can use something like it, or at least think about it.

Statement of rights:

To protect the safety and dignity of each person. To ensure the most satisfaction with minimal regrets. To ensure privacy and longevity of the relationship. To ensure the health and self-esteem of all involved I agree to the following.

1-I will answer all questions directly, truthfully but with courtesy. If I am uncomfortable with a question I will say so then. I will consider a lie of omission the most serious of all lies. I would not want my partner to enjoy a relationship with a lie instead of a relationship with me.

2-I consider it a privilege to enjoy my lovers body, not a right of property. I will not do things to my partner that I know are unwanted. Should I not know if an action is appropriate I will ask before trying. I understand stop and no, I will give my partner space anytime I hear stop or no.

3-I understand I am privileged to be a part of my lovers life. I will not use any tactics to trick, coheres, harass, or shame my partner into doing what she/he find uncomfortable. This goes beyond body and means time, other commitments, and comfort zones.

4-I will respect the rights of my partner’s family and do nothing that could harm or embarrass my partner and innocent people in his/her care.

5-I will provide honest reports of my health, other sexual partners health, and expect the same in return.

6-I will be honest with myself and know my wants, needs, desires, and expectations. I know how to state these wants, needs, and desires to my partner. Intimacy is not easy, and when done wrong is dangerous, I want to keep all dangers to a minimum.

7-Above all I will do no harm by action or inaction.

Thanks again for your sharing your time!

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