Torture Me! ..Part 2 of Eager Learner  

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7/14/2006 2:14 pm

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Torture Me! ..Part 2 of Eager Learner

...She called me that night and insisted that she be "tortured" in our next session.

I told her that I wasn't going to be able to make it happen right away, that it would take some time to plan and set things up. This was a bit of an exaggeration. I figured the anticipation would enhance her experience.

That night I arrived well ahead of her. In my bag I had a set of screw hooks, two lengths of rope, a spreader bar, a pair of leather cuffs, and a long handled riding crop. And of course, my digital camera.

The screw hooks had to be secured into the ceiling. I ran a length of rope through each hook, and tied the other end to the leather cuffs. I placed the spreader bar on the floor, and laid the crop on the bed within plain sight.

She was shivering when she entered the room though the air was quite warm. When I removed her clothes her panties were soaked.

I attached on the spreader bar forcing her feet about 24 inches apart. Then I strapped the cuffs on her wrists, and hauled the ropes until she was nearly up on the balls of her feet. Once I had her immobilized I began to run my hands over her body stroking her gently. I told her how beautiful and vulnerable she looked. I rubbed her wet pussy, and kissed and sucked her nipples. I took several photos of her in this "ready" position.

Finally, I asked her if she wanted the a gag, and she shook her head. "I want you to hear me..."

I picked up the crop. I ran its length over her entire body first tapping gently, then smoothing it over her pussy and ass and breasts. I began slapping the backs of her thighs and her ass cheeks. I varied the intensity and force, gradually building up and then back down. She groaned under the more intense blows. Her skin was beginning to shine.

Next I smacked her breasts lightly, the leather leaving faint red welts as it danced from breast to breast. I slapped her nipples smartly, and began to strike her breasts with greater force. Pausing for a few moments, I reached between her legs and stroked and rubbed her pussy. I pulled gently on her pussy lips, slid a finger into her, and felt the contractions of a powerful orgasm. I pinched a nipple with my free hand. Once again I photographed her as she recovered from her orgasm.

I then returned to business and the smacking sounds of the crop filled the room as I worked over her ass and the backs of her thighs until they were bright red and her body was glazed with sweat. During this she cried out repeatedly as I brought the crop down on her and the leather tongue cracked loudly. She was soon breathing deeply and her eyes were glazed. I took her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. I asked, "Enough?" She nodded weakly. One final photo...

After freeing her from the spreader and cuffs, I led her to the bed and patted her dry with a towel, whispering to her and kissing her. I held her until she fell asleep. She slept for over an hour, got up and showered. Before we called it a night she sucked my cock until I came.

The photos are incredible. I can't wait to see what her reaction will be when they arrive in her "In Box" at work this week...

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