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Just Spank Me...

It had long been a fantasy of hers to be spanked by an older man, a man literally old enough to be her father. Even she understood its origin. Having been raised in a permissive family, where discipline was psychologically based, a family that broke apart while she was still young, she assumed that something must have been missing. Somewhere inside she constructed the equation that corporal punishment equals love. Wasn’t it obvious? If only she and her siblings had been made to answer for their transgressions, large and small, under the loving hand of a firm disciplinarian, things might have turned out differently.

Now in her twenties, she has retained the longing for the sensation of a stinging hand-slap on her naked bottom. More than that, her desire to experience such punishment at the hand of a surrogate father grew inside her until it filled her with an amorphous longing that she could no longer ignore. Finally, she took action and placed a personal add on an alternative sex site.

That is how we met. After a series of email exchanges and a couple of conversations over coffee, we decided to go ahead. She made it clear from the start that this would not involve sex since her fantasy involved her surrogate father and it wasn’t fitting that a young girl have sexual relations with her father. She alluded to the fact that a certain sexual tension could theoretically exist given that she would be naked from the waist down and lying across her “father’s” lap.

And I can attest to the fact that there were tensions. On our first encounter I chastised her and lectured her loudly, sometimes just inches from her face. She had disobeyed the directive against drinking and driving and knew she had answer for it. Finally, I pulled her dress up, and yanked down her panties. I grabbed her and roughly pulled her across my lap as I fell into the chair. With my left hand I held both her wrists firmly against the small of her back, and with my right began to beat her. I moderated the intensity beginning lightly and proceeding to really smash her backside. Within a few minutes she was crying and pleading with me to stop. As she began wiggling on my lap, I could feel an erection stirring, and it was evident that she could feel it, too.

Tears ran down her face, and her bottom was bright red and white-hot by the time we finished. My hand was stinging. She was trembling and appeared a bit weak. Her face, cheeks and neck were flushed in the manner that many women display when sexually excited or just prior to orgasm. I thought about her reference to “theoretical sexual tension” and chuckled to myself.

During our next session, I added a slight variation. When the spanking was over, I rubbed her ass with hand cream and loving told her how I had had to spank her, and how proud I was of her for taking it so well. As I spoke, I slipped my fingers between her ass cheeks, and stroked the lips of her pussy. My hand was instantly soaked. She moaned. I finished by pouring some hand cream into the crack of her ass and rubbed the outside of her asshole briefly before inserting the tip of one finger. She gasped loudly and shook all over.

By session three we were both eager to turn up the intensity. This time, following the verbal dressing-down, and the threats that she would regret having misbehaved, I began describing the ways in which she would be punished. She would be switched about the ass the thighs while bent over a dressing table. As I spoke she began to shiver.

In a fury, I yanked her slacks and panties down. I pushed her to force her to step away as they lay crumpled on the floor. I pointed to the table. She walked over, pressed her belly against its edge, bent at the waist and rested on her forearms.

In final preparation, I stepped in front of her and tied her wrists together with a length of rope. Then stepping behind her once again, I spread her legs and tied each ankle to a table leg.

I spent several minutes tapping the switch lightly over her entire body, legs, ass, back…I stood behind her and tapped gently on her pussy. I ran the length of the switch between her pussy lips. By now she was breathing hard, both in anticipation and dread.

I switched her legs and ass raising fine red welts as I went. More than once she cried out under a sharp blow as I increased the force of my strikes and then eased them. She was crying after a while and I set about comforting her. I stood behind her and rubbed her ass and thighs. I stroked her pussy and probed her with a finger or two. She moaned and cried. After the second round of switching and fondling, she was truly beside herself and she began to mumble and plead. “What do you want, sweetheart?” I asked. “I need it so badly,” she replied. “What does my naughty little girl need,” I taunted.

“Please fuck me…” she moaned. “Why, your are a nasty, little thing, aren’t you,” I answered. With that I switched her again. This time I alternated the switching with stroking her pussy gently.

Finally, I put the switch down and took my cock out. I forced it into her mouth and made her suck it until I was about to cum. Then I walked behind her and held the tip of my cock at her opening for a moment before driving the full length into her. I fucked her roughly and when I was about to cum, grabbed my cock, walked to the end of the table and ejaculated into her face. She shivered and cried and came.

We’ve since introduced a hairbrush, riding crop, leather strap, and paddles to our play. She no longer talks about the possibility that there could be sexual tension during our discipline sessions. There is tension the moment she comes through the door that lasts through her punishments and until we are both satisfied.

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I want one!!!!

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