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Eager Learner...

She was middle aged with grown kids. She had looked after her husband and her children for over 20 years and had reached the point where she was ready to pursue her own agenda. Still very attractive, active, a bit repressed, highly sexual, the proverbial sleeping volcano. It was her time, now, and that was all there was to that. She had made up her mind. It was high time for her to explore those parts of herself that she never spoke about.

She had been having fantasies for as long as she could remember. Fantasies of being restrained while a man used her. She dreamed of being held captive, of being a sex slave. fantasies. She dreamed of being hung up and tortured...of being gang-banged by by a group of men. Even thinking about it caused her face and neck to flush and her breath to quicken.

She thought it best that we begin slowly which is what we did. I agreed. But the idea of proceeding slowly didn't last for long.

During our first session, I tied her in two basic bondage positions: one, arms behind her back, hands tied together at the wrists. Bound thusly, she knelt as she sucked my cock.

The second, a classic, saw her tied spread-eagle, tied to the four corners of the bed. In this position, I teased her, sucked her nipples, and played with her pussy, finally fucking her until we both came. She clearly enjoyed our session and craved more.

What she discovered did not surprise her. Bondage excited her, being used by a man fulfilled her, and the sex was like none she had ever experienced. She wanted to intensify things, and suggested that we "bump things up a notch or two."

The next time we played I added a blindfold, and a ball-gag. That same evening I introduced her to a vibrating dildo, and a silicon butt plug. She lost count of the number of times she orgasmed as I penetrated her with the dildo, my cock, the butt plug. I took digital photographs of her, kneeling, with her face on the floor, the purple ball-gag in her mouth, her face obscured by the blindfold. Her hands and arms were bound tightly behind, legs spread open, her ass and pussy exposed.

Two days later, I emailed them to her at work. She called me that night and insisted that she be "tortured" in our next session.

We are working out the details now...

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