College Girl Part 2  

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College Girl Part 2

Mia wanted to test herself. That meant increasing the intensity of the experience and measuring her own reaction.

There are a number of ways in which this can be done, the most obvious of which is to move from slappers and paddles to more dangerous implements such as crops or whips. Then, including handcuffs, rope, leather cuffs or some means of restricting mobility would intensify things, since it reduces ones ability to move away from the sensation, whether pleasure or pain. Of course there are blindfolds and gags, each adding their own dimension.

Over the next several months Mia and "dad" began to train her to experience pain as pleasure. This is how it worked. During their discipline sessions Mia was to use a vibrator and bring herself to orgasm while she was being punished with a crop, whip or other tool.

First she removed her clothes and bent over her desk, on which a pillow was placed. In this position her hands were free to use the vibrator while her ass and thighs were accessible to him.

He always began slowly, caressing with his hands and then running the leather lightly over her skin. It began with a series of light taps that increased to slaps, smart strikes and smacks. The pacing and force of the impacts rose and fell building toward a red-skinned crescendo.

She was ordered to keep herself on the brink of orgasm as the beating progressed. When her thighs and ass were red hot and she could take no more, she was to get herself off. He would stop, run his hands over her shiny skin, calming her and whispering in her ear. He would tell her how well she did, how proud he was of her, how beautiful her red ass looked...She would catch her breath and try to keep her trembling legs under her.

Once while she lay there panting he stepped behind her and pushed his hard cock into her sopping pussy. She was caught off guard the first time it happened but she came to expect and enjoy him using her that way. It never failed to excite him, watching her take her discipline and listening to her orgasm. Fucking her while looking down at her shiny red ass seemed a fitting end to a training session.

After a number of weeks Mia didn't need the vibrator, and used her hands and fingers instead. It was clear that there was beginning to be a closer association on a visceral level with the punishment she received and the pure pleasure of orgasm.

By the fourth month she no longer touched herself but relied on him to intermittently stroke her pussy while lashing or striking her. She seldom orgasmed until she was close to the physical limit of her ability to endure pain. She might cum when he inserted a finger or cry and cum as he fucked her. She was often totally exhausted and it took a day or more for her to fully recover.

Even so, it satisfied her like nothing else she had ever experienced and she feared that she was becoming dependent on him for release, the depth of which she could hardly begin to understand. One thing she knew for certain, she had grown to need it desperately.


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