Fantasy for you and I (2)  

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12/6/2005 12:57 pm

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Fantasy for you and I (2)


You're sucking my dick,and I'm still eating your pussy.I insert two fingers into you and move them in and out rapidly.Your lips clamp around my cock and it slides further in your throat.I'm moaning now!it feels so damn good.I begin to pump your face.I moan and tell you to suck that dick,baby YEAH!You're trying to make me cum,aren't you?I pull my cock from your lips,there's someplace else I want you to feel my cum.I slow my thrusting in and out of your mouth.My lips,tongue and fingers are working your pussy to a frenzy. Your body arches from the bed,the orgasm is intense.You grab my head and mash my face tighter to your pussy,and scream your release.My face is flooded with your juice.I lick the lips of your pussy clean,and plant a final kiss on your sensitive clit.You're ready to receive my dick.I kneel above you and grab both legs.Placing them over my shoulders I rub the head of my cock on your sensitive and swollen clit.Your pelvis bucks trying to impale itself to me.You are so wet,I slide into you easily.Once I'm in all the way.I hold still feeling you work your vaginal muscles feeling them ripple on my throbbing man meat.I begin a seris of slow long stokes in an out. I want to sink my cock in you as far as it'll go. I want to feel you wrap your legs around my hips. I want feel your body as it moves against mine,to feel you undulate your hips,and milk my cock.To feel you when you cum.I want to feel your pussy contracting around my cock as I empty it's contents into your tight wet,spasming pussy..


We meet at the spot you've picked out.I gaze upon you for the first time,and my dick is throbbing.I want you so bad! We get in the car,and you raise your skirt to reveal that you're not wearing panties.we forgo whatever plans we've made and decide to go straight to the hotel.Once there I escort you into the room and close the door behind us. I turn you around and lean you against the dresser.Pressing my body to yours.I want you to feel how much I want you.I slide your skirt up over your hips,and drop to my knees.From behind I spread the lips of your pussy,and begin to lick them.Up and down,and side to side.My tongue enters you,and I lap up your sweet nectar.You spread your legs wider,and begin to grind your pussy hard against my face.My mouth finds your clit,and I suck it in.My tongue swirls around it.You moan with delight.I reach up and put two fingers inside you.Oh,baby you're about to cum for me.You explode onto my face.I clean you up with my lips and tongue.I rise and enter you from behind with my dick.I take slow strokes in and out of your tight wet pussy.I begin to pump into you harder and faster.Oh baby you feel so good I can't hold back any longer.I pull my dick out of you and turn you around.Pressing you down on your knees,and place my dick to your lips.Your mouth opens,my dick slides in.I expolde into your warm wet mouth,which feels like I'm in your warm wet pussy,and you drink until there's nothing left to give


I've pulled my dick from your mouth.I want to fuck your pussy again.It's so wet and tight.I feel your pussy muscles rippling along my shaft as I enter you.Damn,it feels so good!I slide deep into you.Beginning long slow strokes.The motion is causing my pelvis to move on your clit.Eliciting gasps of pleasure from you.Your hips begin to undulate.I don't know if it's to get as much of my dick in you as you can,or to avoid the wet spot forming under you from the drool eminating your spewing pussy.I reach under you to grab both of your meaty ass cheeks.Pulling you and your pussy closer to me.I begin to fuck into you with faster and harder strokes.Pulling my dick out so just the head is in you,then ramming it back in.Giving you all of my dick.I'm stroking in and out harder and faster,your moans are music to my ears.I know that you know that you are being truly fucked!You begin to speak through your moans,"fuck me daddy,fuck me daddy"."Make me cum,oh,yessssssss,make me cum".I ask if you want it in your pussy or your mouth this time.You say "I've already tasted it,now I want to feel it".""Fill my pussy with it baby,please!"I stroke in and out for a while longer,satisfied that you have cum.And explode my cum in your pussy,so much so that some drips out when I pull my shrinking dick from your satisfied pussy,which is still twitching and spewing it's own juice


Yes,babygirl I would like to fuck you from the back.I want you to lick and suck me.While fucking you from the back,I'll spread those fine ass cheeks of yours,and watch my dick going in and out of your pussy.Then I'll tease your ass with my fingertip.I'll insert my finger into your pussy with my dick and get it good and wet.Then I'm going to put it in your ass,and finger fuck you just like your pussy.I'm going to take the lotion and spread it all over your ass and put some inside your ass as well.I'll put on a new condom,and have you hold your ass spread for me.I'll take my dick and place it at the opening of your ass.I'll push gently so that the head of my dick goes in.I'll hold it there letting you get used to the sensation.Then I'll ease more of it into you.Until my full width is inside you.Then I'll begin long deep slow strokes.I'm pumping into you now my strokes gaining speed,becoming harder,faster.I grab your hips and push pull you onto my dick.I let go of your hips and reach around to play with your tittie.Tweaking the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.I mash your breast almost flat against your chest.My dick and your ass are going like a mixmaster.I let go of your breast and reach down to tickle your clit.My other hand slides into your pussy from behind.I finger fuck your pussy while fucking hell out of your ass.The finger fucking sends you over the orgasmic edge.You squeal you climax,and straighten up drawing my dick further and deeper into your ass.I grab your hips and pull you further onto my dick.My body tenses and I shudder my release with a series of moans.It felt good baby!

You like It,You really like it!

I lay you down.Slowly strip off your clothes.Suck your breasts into my mouth,and lick your nipples to distended hardness.Run my hand over your pussy,and my finger up and down your slit.Until I feel the wetness between your thighs.Taking your leg I raise it up over my shoulder,and begin massaging your calf.I kiss my way up your leg,stopping at the soft spot behind you knee.I kiss and lick you there.You say no one's done that before,and it feels good.I continue up your leg nibbling and kissing your inner thigh.I nip your thigh with my teeth,just hard enough to make you moan.Continuing upward I'm now at the opening of your sweet,sweet pussy.I lick the lips of your pussy.Closing my mouth I plant a kiss on those lips,My tongue snakes out and enters you.I engage your pussy in a passionate french kiss,exploring your pussy with my tongue as I would your mouth.My tongue flickers against your swelling clit.I begin to lap at your pussy,as I would a melting ice cream cone.Starting from the opening of your vagina up to your clit.Repeating over and over,the moans are eminating from deep within you.Your hips are undulating on the bed thrusting up to meet my lips and tongue.You push your pussy harder and harder into my face.I insert two fingers into your soppping wet pussy. I thrust them in your faster,harder.I suck
your clit into my mouth,My tongue swirls around the sensitive head of your clit.Your thighs clamp the sides of my head,your hands clamp on the back of my neck.You pull my face tighter to your pussy,and flood my mouth with your warm sweet cum.Afterward you take my now throbbing dick in your hand and feed it into your warm willing mouth,and suck the cum out of me.


We've rested after our night of pleasure.I place a hand on your shoulder and roll you onto your back,your breasts look so inviting.I have to taste them again.I take one nipple into my mouth and begin to suck and lick on it with my tongue.I knead the other breast with my free hand.You reach down and begin stroking my dick,which is growing to full hardness in your hand.I take the lotion from the night table and rub it on your breasts making them nice and slippery.I pour more in the valley between them.I sit astride your chest and put my dick in the valley between your breasts.Grabbing both with each hand you push them over and around my dick.I begin to tittie fuck your wonderful chest.You look down and see the head of my dick at the top of your breasts,and begin flicking your tongue at it.Then you take me into your mouth and suck me like it's breakfast.Meanwhile I'm playing with your pussy at the other end.My fingers going in and out of you causing to to suck my dick with such intensity.That I have to have you one more time before our encounter comes to an end.I fuck into you slowly.I want this fuck to last,until I see you again.I fuck you long and slow,letting the passion build until we both cum,After we finish I move down and eat you before taking you home.


We're walking through the Mall,and you see a suit you like.We enter the store and you ask the clerk if you can try it on.You take the suit back to the changing room.I wait until the clerk becomes busy with a customer,and is distracted.I walk back to the changing area.All the other doors are open,so I know that we are alone back there.I open the door to the room you're in.You are in the middle of putting on the suit.Just there in your panties and bra.Your chocolate breasts are straining against the fabric.I cross the dressing room, and take you in my arms.Planting a kiss fully on your lips.I explore your mouth with my tongue,reaching behind you I undo the clasp of your bra. Your breasts are now mine to feast upon.We break the kiss,and I grab one tittie and bring it to my mouth. My tongue swirls around the nipple.I feel it growing in my mouth.I continue to suck,and lick it to hardness.I sit you down on the dressing room bench,and remove the lace thong that is trying to cover your sweet,sweet pussy.I thrust a finger into you. You bite your lip to stifle the moans coming from your throat.I kiss and lick my way down.You recline on the bench and spread your legs wide.You say to me "Do it Daddy,suck my cunt"!I bury my face between your legs,and suck your clit between my lips.Aaaaaahhhhhhhh,you taste of ambrosia,I lick and twirl my tongue around your now swollen clit.You grab the back of my neck and mash my face to your pussy.I insert two fingers into your wet,dripping pussy.I thrust them in and out rapidly.You're humping your hips to my tongue and fingers.I can tell by the moans coming from you that you are on the verge of a fantastic cum,I purse my lips and begin to hum on your clit.That's it you sigh out your release,and flood my face with your delicious cum. As we gather up the suit,which you didn't get to try on,you give me a sly look,and reach for my zipper.Freeing my dick you drop to your knees,and licking your lips,say "Your turn,Daddy"!

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(come play with us in the creative writing games--particularly the "continuing" erotic story line)

Hi, welcome to blog!

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A place where ideas can flow--from suggested blog topics, to writing "critiques", to directions on how to better use the elements of color, photos, and font style/size to make your blog more eye appealing; as well as instructions on how to better use linking to other posts.

A place where writers (non-bloggers as well) who are interested in “creative” writing to post some of their works; as well as joining in on some of our “creative writing games” as well.

Being that this is an adult site, we will also have a group post running where writers and their followers can indicate where they're from so maybe you might actually be able to meet some folk "local" to you.

Flirtatious banter is encouraged--crude obscene assaults will not be tolerated and are subject to deletion.

So...Stop in and have a little fun over your cup o' joe!

Here is a link to the group Blog Cafe, look forward to meeting you there!

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