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7/13/2006 4:22 pm

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Meet the PhillyFuckClub!

Greetings boys and girls of all ages (over 18. ) This is your friendly neighborhood Club Owner for the PhillyFuckClub.

I'd thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself along with the club, explain where the club is right now, and where we're going.

Hopefully, through these posts, AdultFriendFinder members get a better understanding of our club and our character. There's a serious tone that runs through our ad and our early posts. That's a necessary evil because there are serious issues involved in a club like this. Ultimately though, I hope this club turns into a place for great adult fun (and fucking!) The most important posts on rules and the like will be linked in our main ad. But I'd like most posts to eventually become more casual. They'll include updates on events, what it's like in the club, and even some humor from around the web.

Why start a PhillyFuckClub?

You may have seen our fellow fuck clubs start to pop up all over AdultFriendFinder. Some of them are listed in our ad. The original idea seems to have come from the MNFuckClub. It's not because we wanted to be another club though. See, as a young, single, straight man on AdultFriendFinder (yes, I am a straight man) I had to deal with a lot of the challenges and pitfalls that other men do on this website. But, after some persistence and a positive attitude, I finally started chatting, and emailing, and dating some women from AdultFriendFinder.

What's has absolutely shocked me is the stories I've heard from young single female members. I guess I had a false impression that, because women have so many men to choose from, it would be relatively easy for them to find a compatible sexual/dating partner. But they seem to have to deal with the same problems men face tenfold! Often I hear women compare the administration of their AdultFriendFinder ad to work. Women have told me quite a few negative stories. My female friends and I knew that on AdultFriendFinder there had to be plenty of successful, positive encounters. We were proof of that. But we had to go through so much BS and months of looking until we found each other. What to do?

Earlier this year, I discovered the MNFuckClub ad. I discussed it with some of my female AdultFriendFinder friends to get their impressions. We somewhat agreed that the principle behind it seemed pretty sound. But who among us was set to start up such a club. Well, after some more frustrations with unsuccessful encounters on AdultFriendFinder, I thought it might be a good idea to give this a try. That way, fellow men and women with similar problems have a clearing house for real dating and real fun. So, here we are.

It's somewhat ironic that this is a supposed to be a club for fellow nymphomaniacs. I wouldn't call myself one but I have been suffering from bouts of nymphomania for over the past year. I might detail it a little more in the future, but it's not necessarily the experience that one might think it is. I've also met people with their own sexual frustrations and cravings. Between my own experiences and that of friends, I hope I've grown to be more considerate and better empathize with what others are going through. I hope this club will embody that spirit.

Who am I to run such a club? Being club owner just means I get the ball rolling and help with administration. This is the members club. Other than helping with member selection, administration and guidance, there are no additional benefits. Anyone can say no to me just like anyone else. I do have experience from college of running a large organization similar to this. Of course, it wasn't of a sexual nature. Unless you count that one time we had Fairy Porn Night, but that's another story. So I hope I can bring those experiences to the club and help get the ship running smoothly.

Where we stand.

Our personal ad has been up for less than a month now. On the recommendation of the MNFuckClub we've set one up on both AdultFriendFinder and I still have to figure out how to link the two though. The Alt personal is a tad behind the AdultFriendFinder. From a member perspective, as the club owner I still consider our membership to officially be zero. I know a couple female friends interested in the club but not necessarily in putting the work in of being a moderator. That is partially my fault since I stress the duties involved in being a moderator. There is work and more work involved in moderating. A future post will detail some of these responsibilities. But until the moderators are settled, the club is in a probationary period.

We're still accepting messages from male and female members. As expected the amount of messages received from men is ten to one compared to women. But this isn't a race. If it takes several months to get the moderating staff assembled and comfortable, then that's what it takes. We're currently in need of female moderators so they can finish choosing the male moderators. This club isn't about having the most members, the biggest network, or a harem of supermodels. It's about meeting real people who are respectful and mutually attracted for adult adventures and exploration.

Hopefully our character as a group will eventually shine through on AdultFriendFinder. As I said, we are primarily looking for single women to help moderate and expand our membership base. I've already had to make one rejection. But we're getting a lot of positive feedback from women outside our area and I think it's only a matter of time before our membership expands. We just need more young, intelligent, and attractive women in the local area to find out what the club is about.

What's to come. (No pun intended!)

We have a few more housekeeping posts to get up. That includes our moderator post and our post for men interested in the club. I hope to post more about the decisions that have been made in the club next. Also, I'd like to solicit questions from the AdultFriendFinder membership. Ask away. We'll compile them and post a detailed answer sessions to what we can.


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