Hello! (An Introductional Story)  

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Hello! (An Introductional Story)


Hello, i'm newer to the site and using this as a way to maybe meet new people, always fun to make new friends!

Well this is my first time doing something like this and the whole point is to have a story right? well I have one,

I pose a question to women, which will be asked after the story, and guys can of course comment too.

Well, my previous girlfriend and I had on ongoing problem concerning Oral sex.. well.. I had a problem.

You see, I personally love oral sex, not just recieving, I love giving even more then recieving.

Well 3 months go by, we had an extreamly active sex life, and I would always go down on her every time.

and I didn't mind that she didn't return the favor for awhile I thought maybe when she was in the mood she would go for it her self, so I said nothing about it.

by the 6th month, I started being suggestive about it, not forcfull in anyway, just thought "hey i'm doing this for you every time, maybe I could get mine every once and awhile?"

I thought that was a fair question to have in mind, so I started to become more direct about it and every time she would either change the subject or decline rather harshly

by the 8th month, I decided to stop giving her head, and after about a week and a half, she becomes pissed.

She starts comlaining, saying that she feels neglected, and not as loved as she used to be.

which at the time was complete bull,

Oral sex started to become a demand on her end, mainly because it was the only way she could garuntee geting off. and she would refuse to do anything unless...

On a side note, i'm not claiming to be great at oral sex, or bragging or anything like that, it's just that I spent alot of intimate time with this girl and if you pay attention and take the time to learn, any guy can reach this point with his/her partner.

After that I tried to talk to her, asked her if anything was wrong with it or if she was against it, she said she wasn't against giving a blow job, she had talked before about giving them in her past and as for the my questioning the quality of my privates she said "if I didn't like your cock would we be fucking like rabbits?"

So needless to say it wasn't that, I asked her if there was anything I could do to make it more enjoyable for her, I asked her anything I could think of and she kept ignoreing my questions after that.

Anyway, after a few talks and even a couple of arguments, she stopped everything all togeather, no sex period, we barly made out. So I went back to my old ways, giving her what she wanted, fucking in the possitions she enjoyed most, Paying special attention to her body and getting nothing in return.

more then a few times after this she would stop having sex as soon as she got off, leaving me up and still ready to go.

Even though I had alot of feelings for this girl I had to break it up, her neglecting my wants and even needs at times was not only in our sex life but flooding our personal life too.

Now ladies My questions are,

1. Am I wrong in thinking that I should at least get something back every once and awhile when I'm all about doing it for her?

2. Did I do anything wrong that would lead to her acting the way she did after the conflict?


3. What would you have done in my situation?

Thats it

Thanks for readin and look forward to your replies.

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