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The evening sun had just barely set when we found ourselves running along a rushing river. They were still behind us, but were making up the distance and would catch us by morning. As we slowed to catch our breath we noticed a small ravine cutting it's way up the side of a small cliff off across the river. Knowing the water was too deep and too fast to cross here, we remembered a fording a few miles back. Would we make it there in time before they caught up, or should we keep going and hope to find another way out of the valley? Thinking it a wiser course of action she said she would rather keep moving forward and hope for the best. So forward it would be, and whatever the fates would have in store for us, we would face it together.

I barely remember the passing of the full moon over head, or when the howls of the wolves started getting closer. But now it was certain that they too had our trail and were hunting us. First the bush warriors, and now the wolves. Things were not looking so good, but she had an idea. What if we turned one of the hunters into the hunted? Surely the wolves would not care if they dined on us or on some unfortunate bush warriors. And since that bush warriors typically hunted the wolves for their pelts, they might see this is a sign of good fortune to have another prey this evening. Our only problem now was to find away to get both of the hunters to hunt each other for a while while we slipped away into the night.

Again, it was she who found the answer. This time it came in the form of a deep gully that crossed our path as we headed away from the river. The marshy ground would hide our tracks and scent from those who were persuing us, and would hopefully delay them long enough to discover each other. We crossed and recrossed the gully many times trying to obscure our trail. She smiled wickedly as she cut a piece of leather from her tunic and stuck it on the branch of a small bush. The perfect thing to attract the attention of the wolves and the warriors. Hearing the howling wolves approaching, we quickly climbed up the far side of the gully and hid to watch what happened next.

That's the last I remember before waking up. Slowly I opened my eyes and discovered I was tied to a tree, stripped bare and weaponless. My only salvation coming in the fact that there were no wolves around. At least none that were still alive. There was a sound behind me, footsteps in the wet grass, barely audiable to anyone without augments. The cold hiss of steel greeted me as a blade was drawn from it's scabbard. I closed my eyes and just prepared for the worst. But the worst was not to come. My ropes were cut, and once more I was free. I turned to give my thanks and that's when I sam him. I thought he was only a legend, but there he stood before me. The one they call "The Master".

I asked him if he knew where the bush warriors had taken her. Sadly he shook his head and told me, "The don't take survivors." It was then I knew what my life quest would be. I would hunt them all down and exterminate them like wild animals. The Master agreed to help me, and soon we had tracked down most of those who attacked us. We made short work of them and left no survivors but one. I had to know what they had done with her. The lone warrior delighted in the pain he saw in my eyes and refused to tell me anything. Disgusted, I slit his throat and left the bodies there for any passing animal to feed on.

The years had past, and two full scale wars had ravished the region. I engaged in many battles, always eager to slaughter more bush warriors. But the blood and the victories did nothing to fill the aching hole inside me. One day I received a hand written note that told me I was to meet my past. Nervous, I went to the cliffs overlooking the largest lake in the region. It was at sunset that I saw her. She was wearing the same leather armor and tunic as she was the last night I had seen her. Could it really be her? But no, as she approached I knew that it was someone else, and yet not. Slowly she spoke as tears ran down my face.

"I am not she. I am her daughter. And you... you are my father."

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