Friday night!  

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10/7/2005 11:52 pm

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Friday night!

Well it finally arrived, Friday night. During this long, lousey, hectic week, I kept looking forward to Friday night. Did you ever do that? I mean while hard at work, in the middle of all the crap flying around your head, the phones ringing, the boss barking, the doors slamming and all the other shit that goes along with work, take a break and daydream about what you're gonna do on Friday night?

This being a week from hell, that's all I kept thinking about. Like did I have enough booze and beer to cover the weekend? Better yet, did I have enough condoms to cover the weekend? Condoms? What the hell am I talking about, I don't even have a date yet? Which reminds me, where the hell did my girlfriend disappear to? She said she was going to the store to pick up some "silky smooth" stuff three days ago and never came back. Ah screw her, she really wasn't all that good anyway. Ok back to the little black book. Wow,I can't believe how worn this little sucker is. Hey, I remember this broad! She was good, I mean really, really GOOD. Funny thing though, she also went out to get some "silky smooth" stuff and also never came back. Ah screw them all, who needs them anyway! I finally get to watch the big game in peace and quiet now. All the beer is for me, the pizza is mine, the condoms and those "little blue pills" are now safe for another day. And hey, should I really "desire" some sex AFTER the game, that's what we guys have hands for. Right?

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