Post-Ride and Party  

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6/19/2006 12:11 pm

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Post-Ride and Party

Damn, it was a great ride. Not because I planned it, but because we all had a fucking great time. I do believe that the Beer at the beer garden didn't go over to well, the group is just too used to american beer. We watched the clouds build while eating, skirted out just in time, and only caught a few sprinkles on the way west. Hermann and the winery was a hit with those that liked wine and even those that didn't. The final stretch of the ride ended up being a massive Run for the border so to speak. I did hear of a couple 100 mile per hour runs back to the motel. Personally I did 90-95.

The party went off with out a hitch, except that the bar must have lost it's air conditioning. The group spent most of the time outside where it was a little bit cooler. We all laughed at the photos taken during that day. We were finally ushered out at 1:30 AM. Up to the rooms we went, started with some more of the old favorite, Truth or Dare to get the party started. Nakedness was in abundance this night. Once again the pool was the favorite at 3 am, except this time we were run out by staff and Cops. Had a little incident of inappropriate touching, by a member. But the groups security force reacted quickly to remove the member. He went crying to the officers that were there, we were all sent to our rooms then. No arrests were made.

Woke up the next day hating life again, with the headache from hell. Swore again, I will never drink again. The only car we have broke down on the way home. It finally threw a bearing in the engine. Do not buy an intrepid, there is something wrong in the design of the engine. It is on it's way to the junk yard.

PepsDick 53M/37F

6/21/2006 4:29 am

Oh my dear Box,
I was really hoping that we could have bent another pole of mine together.

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