Penn_firefighter 40M
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3/18/2006 10:27 pm

Why is it when you are in a relationship, they say the most important thing is to be honest. When actually honesty is the last thing that your other half wants to hear.

Men..... when your other half asks you..."Does thing make me look fat ?" You wanna say.. " No, your ass makes you look fat"...... But no... we say..."No babe you look fine" Or they ask " Do you ever think of other women?" you say "noooooo your the only one for me." But at the same time you are staring at the hot chick walking down the sidewalk.

Women....... when a guy asks you if he is good in bed..... even if he isn't you aren't going to tell him. Or if a guy asks you if you think about other guys..... you give the same responce we do..... "Nooooooo"

Sometimes you reach a point that you stop worring about others feeling. You decide to be honest, not to be cruel, but to be just that "HONEST"

The only advice I can give on being honest is to make sure that you are secure enough with your partner that they can handle it

GOOD LUCK........

naked1fun 39F

4/12/2006 10:33 pm

Honesty and relationships don't always work in tandum and everyone needs to keep a few thoughts for themselves.

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