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Tagged. booooooooo

That is so mean tagging a guy that knows nothing about HTML and how to link people. Not to mention a practical virgin in the blog world. The culpret who caught me was stillsmokin2006

alright: The rules are to say 6 odd quirky or wierd thigs about yourself and then tag 6 other people who haven't been tagged yet.

1) I pace when I talk on the phone. Not so weird until you realize that some days with my job my pedometer goes over 8 miles because I was on the phone all day

2) I shave in the car on my way to work. Hey who needs to get up 10 minutes earlier. Besides rush hour is very boring without something to keep you distracted.

3) I read real heavy deep books as a kid but as a grown up I read kids books like harry potter.

4) I will work out for 3 hours at the gym if need be but I won't walk 300 meters to the gym. I drive there.

5) My laugh. You have to hear it to understand.

6) I was just reading someones blog thinking thank god no one has tagged me.

Victom Numer 1

if your a woman and haven't read traveling texas's profile you are wrong. read it its great

My 6 victims will be decided as soon as I figure out how to link them.

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