Beauty of Barriers (part I)  

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3/23/2006 3:17 pm

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Beauty of Barriers (part I)

Here is what I love about the online experience. Its why thousands of perfectly social and good looking people started to leave the bars and turn on their PC's to pick people up.

See, all the stories you hear about in the old days, of all the relationships your grandparents had and kept for 70 years came about because there were so many restrictions on them that they had to fight and sneak off for a date. They also couldn't jump into bed the first night out either. So what happened was that the men wouldn't just go after a lay. They had to put up with the woman for months before they could hit a home run. and they would have to go through hell. So instead they actually looked at personality and went with the girls they enjoyed being with. Neat concept.

Fast forward to today. You just can't mimic those barriers anymore. So you end up going out with 20 people and find out that you don't like their attitude or personality until after you've slept with them and have been seeing them for a month. hmmmmm. Plus to make matters worst every failed attempt gets glorified in the gossip of your friends and you become known as a player or a whore depending on your sex.

Enter the net. One, you can meet people outside of your circle so if things don't work then your conservative bible thumping friends can't say anything. Two, and most important. You can weed out 100s of bad personalities before you even meet one person. So the chances of a winner is much more likely as long as you actually weed them out and not just try to do what most men do and juggle any hit you get until it becomes a home run.

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3/23/2006 4:18 pm

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