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7/20/2005 2:37 am

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Today we found out that we got the house we were wanting so we can move out of here!
There had been another couple looking around it at the same time as us so we didn't think we really had a chance since we're students!

Its 3 bedroom with a double garage, and it has a deck which will be great in the summer for having people round for drinks. Now all we need is a bbq!

It's on the other side of town from the uni, so to get there we're gonna have to take two buses. I'm so sick of not having a car! I have a job interview tomorrow so if I get it I will be able to start saving for one! Sometimes I just feel like going for a long drive, especially to get away when I'm stressed but I guess I'll just have to go for long walks instead.

In other news, the university staff are on strike. My only lecture today wasn't cancelled but I missed the bus so I couldn't go anyway. I hate having to rely on public transport! I've only had two lectures so far this week, and I enjoyed both of them. I have the first lecture for my 3rd paper tomorrow afternoon. I really love my timetable, I get Mondays and Fridays off and I made it so that I can go to uni and have classes right after each other so I don't have to wait around for them.

Also tomorrow I am going to get my third and final MenzB vaccination. They say this one hurts the most so I'm not really looking forward to it, but the others havn't been too bad at all


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