They're home.  

Peche85 31F
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9/5/2006 5:32 pm

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9/5/2006 10:54 pm

They're home.

Well T & N just got back from the airport. Wonder if A jumped on them straight away to complain about what I did hehe. Its gonna be funny I think. Seeing what she says about it.

Its not even really about the carport now, just the way she got so smart and rude and bitchy. Well part of it is still the carport lol. Its supposed to be my day tonight so I'm gonna tell her to move her car so G or S can use it hehe.

G and S took me out for ice cream when they got home on Monday night so I could tell them what happened. Apparantly A had texted them saying "Hey sweeties, just wanted to remind you that the carport is mine during the week and you guys can use it on the weekend". That was a few weeks ago! I wish they had told me earlier. Ugh she is so sickly fake sweet lol, like calling them sweeties when she hardly ever talks to them and they hate her.

So anyway, they said that the 3 of us should move into the house next door lol. The last people moved out months ago, and the owner used to chat to S & G and offered to show them around etc. They left a note on the door for her when she next comes back, hopefully she won't have found someone by then.

So if we can move next door we will, if we can't we're staying here and A is out. T is gonna be a problem though. Her name is on the lease too. So A will probably make her say no. Wonder how I can override it. Hopefully since N was supposed to move out ages ago they will all decide to move out together. I feel so sorry for poor N hehe, T treats him like shit and A isn't very nice to him either. Hes too nice to notice though lol.

I will update later when I speak to them hehe.

sassybelle21 32F
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9/5/2006 7:49 pm

Move in with the other two sounds like a great idea. Then both T and A can just pay for all the shit in the current house and we will see how they struggle

wantsawoman2k 34M
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9/5/2006 10:06 pm

sounds like a whole ball of fun and a half. Best of luck with your living situation.

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