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7/22/2005 2:12 am

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Well this weekend is going to be spent finishing off some uni work and packing!

I'm quite excited about moving, I am definately going to miss this apartment and its location, but I am not going to miss living with my flatmate D one bit!!

We've been having problems for the past few months. The 'last straw' was when I had an exam one Saturday morning and I told him so he said oh ok I'll be quiet when I come home then (he always goes out Friday nights). Between then and Friday night, we had an argument and at 4am I got woken up by him and his two friends coming home.

That wasn't so bad, but instead of going to bed they decided they would put on a movie to watch and not care about people who were trying to sleep.

I was really stressed about the exam so it had taken me ages to get to sleep so I wasn't happy that I had been woken up and couldn't get back to sleep.

After about 20minutes of trying to sleep, I texted D and said "Gee thanks for being so quiet when you came home. I don't care what you think about but you could at least respect the fact that me and T have exams right now"

A few mins later I get a text back basically saying I was a selfish bitch that was trying to make him choose between me and his friends. Not exactly what you want to hear a few hours before an exam when you havn't had much sleep.

I don't get why he calls me selfish! Is it selfish for me to:
a) Expect him to do at least a little bit of housework now and again and cook dinner more often than once a month?
b) Not want his rude friend to come around every night. His friend would bring other people around to our apartment and one night they came into the lounge and sat there talking about shit (literally not shit in general!) when we were trying to watch TV and D was in his room watching a movie!

To me when you are a guest in someones house, you respect the people that live there, and if you have guests in a house that you share with people, you invite them round and entertain them. I would never stay in my room and leave my friends to annoy my flatmates!!
Is that selfish of me?

So yeah, I can't wait to move. We got the keys to the house yesterday, but I can't decide if I should move in and stay there by myself next week and be away from D, or if I should stay in the apartment for one more week since I've paid up til then.

I guess it depends when I can move my bed etc to the new place as I don't have a car which makes it hard.

Well thats my bitch for the night hehe. I'll try not to make a habit out of it, but it is nice to have somewhere to talk about it and not have to bitch to friends!

knarz2005 37M

7/25/2005 2:19 pm

I know where your coming from, i had an ex flatmate who was exactly the same. no care or respect for anyone elses circumstances or thing to do is move out though, you'll find your life will be a lot stress free

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