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9/9/2005 5:31 am

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Im Back!

I havn't written a blog for a few weeks now so I thought I should update it!

Firstly, I've just had 2 weeks holiday from university. I would love to say that I had been away and doing lots of exciting things but its just not true! The first week was spent staying up til about 3am, then getting up around midday. Then I would have lunch, watch TV and wait for my flatmate to get home from work, then we would do pilates for an hour, walk to the supermarket, cook dinner then watch tv or a movie for the rest of the night! Very boring and lazy I know!

For the second week I have been at my parents house. Even more bored than I was at the flat! I read the new Harry Potter book in 1 and a half days, and stayed up late reading so I would get up at around 11. The plan was to study for my test I have the first week back. Its now Friday and I havn't even opened the book! Shocking!

I had been studying a lot the past few weeks and it paid off, I was in the top 10% of my class for my test! If only I did as well in my essays! Maybe if I didn't leave them to the last minute I would lol.

In other news, after living in our new house for about a month we decided to move out. The landlord had a friend who needed a place to live so she is happy for us to move out even tho the contract is for 6 months. So now we have the fun of trying to find another place! House hunting is so horrible sometimes!

I mentioned before that me and my flatmate have been doing pilates lately. I weighed myself when I got home and I am 3kg lighter than the last time I weighed myself! Not much but its a start! I had been hoping that pilates would help my back but last time I was doing it I couldn't do many of the 'moves' so I gave up after about 10mins. I couldn't even sit with my legs straight out and lean forwards a few centimetres!

Its my birthday on the 26th. The big 2 0! Scary! My mum gave me a cheque the other day to go shopping with my sister as part of my present but I didn't spend any of it cos I will probably need it for bond etc. Great thing to spend birthday money on huh.

Well I have to go to bed.
Night xox

bulging_boy 49M

10/21/2005 8:16 pm

I'm with Sakrilej there. Lookings fine but the moving sucks.

Happy Birthday Peche. My present to you is not singing it.

hope it was great

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