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6/4/2006 3:30 am

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Quite often I find myself watching "Airline" on TV, which is a UK program set in different airports and shows all the dramas etc and focuses on Easyjet.

One thing that amazes me is how people seem to think that a whole plane load of people should wait just for them because they were late to check in.

Everyone knows that you should ALWAYS leave too early to go to the airport don't they? Sure, its boring hanging around with nothing to do, but it is better than risking missing your flight.

I understand how frustrating it would be to miss a flight, but if you arrive after check in has closed there is no need to take it out on the employees! Especially in front of a bloody TV camera, it just makes you look like an arrogant bastard.

Lol right now there is a guy who turned up a day late and think they should let him on the next flight for free because he flies with them every week. Somehow this is the airline's fault!

Its horrible the way they treat the people on the customer service desk, shouting and swearing at them. One girl told a man to stop shouting at her or she would close her desk. I think thats what I would do too.

Have you ever missed an important flight because you were late? Or has an airline ever fucked you around by overbooking the plane?

bulging_boy 49M

6/4/2006 3:57 am

I love shows like that.

Even more when as you say the bastards get what they deserve.

Never missed a flight, but did get on one that got halfway to Australia and then got turned around just before halfway. Kinda freaky. Said it was a fuel problem.

cheers ya fuckers.

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6/4/2006 6:04 am

What amazes me about that the customers you see in that show is that everybody who buys a ticket from easyjet knows that its the airline equivalent of the pile-them-high-sell-them-cheap supermarket. You can buy a ticket to go from one European city to another from about £25 which is ridiculously cheap, they can do that because they don't offer any frills and if there are any delays in the airport for any reason then the easyjet airline are at the bottom of the priority list when compared to all other airlines. Yet despite all this some people still expect the customer service staff to achieve miracles.

vrec_dawn 39M

6/4/2006 6:43 am

Damn. I wish I could get that show over here. It sounds funny. Scary, but funny.

I've never been late to a flight. I'm always hours early. I mean you're right. Honestly, which is worse, wasting time in an airport, or missing your flight?

I did have an airline try to screw me over because they overbooked once. (Which was weird because I checked in as soon as they let me.) Fortunately at that time I was in the military and travelling on orders. When I pointed that out and showed them my paperwork they ended up squeezing me in, probably at someone else's misfortune unfortunately. But that always struck me as odd. I mean if I checked in as soon as they'd let me, because I always get there early, and they overbooked that badly? What the heck were they doing?

My least favorite airline event however is when they lose your luggage. I mean how freaking hard is it to load it onto the same flights as the passengers? You know? It's not like it isn't tagged. Yet I've had that happen almost as many times as I've flown. (Which admittedly isn't much because I have ear problems from air pressure changes.) So I carry everything of importance in my carryon now.

And one for the insanity column, and this was well before September 11th happened, was I was stopped and interrogated, not just the usual show us what's in your bag routine, but literally the whole nine yards, because I had a pocket watch in my luggage. Yes, that's right. And they were absolutely sure that it must be a bomb. Because you know, with modern technology like travel alarm clocks and electronic fuses, anyone would bother making a bomb out of a antique wind-up mechanical family heirloom gold pocketwatch? That doesn't even have an alarm mechanism? Yet on that same flight they let me carry my swiss army knife on. (Something I wouldn't even remotely try now.) Daft buggers.

I've never been impressed with airlines. But I'm not impressed by idiot customers either.

chasingfun27 38M
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6/4/2006 1:39 pm

The incident that sticks in my mind was when a mate was heading off to live overseas. Eventually he made the plane after his name was broacast over the announcement system. The reason he was late? He ignored all previous boarding calls, as we put a dent in the bar.

I bet the other passengers hated him!

maestrosenzaverg 61M

6/13/2006 9:44 pm


How nice to see a post that could be featured just as easily on a "PG" rated website. We Yanks have our own version of that show, by the same name, featuring the empoyees of Southwest Airlines (Ticker symbol on the stock exchange is "LUV"), a relative upstart, but one which has captured both the hearts and the ire of those who fly it. While their fares are pretty straightforward and competitive, their personnel (who do many different jobs each), can be really funny and interesting. I have actually heard a flight attendant say, towards the end of the flight, "ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts, the pilot has found the airport." They generally feature employees from Los Angeles and Chicago (Midway, the smaller, but no less hectic airport), and perhaps Baltimore or Phoenix. They have their share of problems, but these folks seem to try hard to get the job done.

There was a time where a fellow was denied boarding because he was wearing a kilt-like garment, with no underwear beneath, and the usual panoply of drunks and obstreperous passengers, but they have also featured weddings, and proposals over the plane's , and at least one situation where a passenger was alighting to meet the internet (but never previously met) boyfriend who was blind. Touching. One of the more realistic and engaging reality shows.

Thanks for the post!


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