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3/24/2006 6:33 am

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Captain's Bog

3:00pm... My busniess partner Rayza came through for me... It's amazing what you can't get in this town.... Thank god i have a freind like her that will drop everything and come out here. 3 point for Rayza and Josh...

A few companies and business could take a few lessons from her around here... I can across a get guy that is going to put my engines in for me... Come to find out the boy is from Norco Louisiana right outside of Nawlins... So he a coonass too

The city'd code about slips and live aboards are a joke.. You can only rent a slip for 4 days then you can not rent another slip for the next 12 days. Now if you live on the hook like i do.. You can only stay in one stop for 4 days then you must move.. They can so bite my clit ring.

It is so different than the keys.. and there are only a few bays to anchor out.. So your dropping your hooks knowing you have like 12 other boats by you.. So there can not be any mistakes.. I lay out 2 anchors and V them out...

I have 2 more new ones that Dave gave me.. both for rocky bottoms. I'm going to work with them on V out my 2 bow anchors the adding a trip line to the stern anchor.. So I can learn how to anchor in tavernier creek or any narrow fast current place I might get myself into or in a storm or a hurricane

But I have been like so amazed how many dolphines you see here.. They are everywhere To kewl

5:54 just got off the phone with Rayza she 10 mins out... Captain Drew is going to take her to me with more Ice and water...

I'm still so amazed at all the dolphines out here everytime I look in the water you seem them... They are so kewl and I feel the bring luck to you when you blessed enough to see them..

7:13pm Rayza and Josh and Captain Drew just left.. Josh saw the dolpines they are so kewl.. The were leaping in the air.. You can only add one pix per blog.... Keep in mind people i'm on cell dial up.. uploading suxs..

9:02 PM.... I turned on my dive light for awhile because of all the dolphines having a blast feeding and leaping in the air.. My flash did reach far enough to catch it on film. I broke out the Makko it has lights that can and will got under water,,, LOL But it was not charged,,, I can't turn on my generator.. I would piss way to many people off...

I can not believe how close people have to anchor because the is no room anywhere and no slip open......

But all I have to say,,, Is I;m here now... sitting in the middle of a bay with million dollar yachts and home and it's not really suxing to be me right at this time. and thanks Josh and Rayza

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