Captain's Blog - Entry for March 18, 2006  

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Captain's Blog - Entry for March 18, 2006

Today Dave came to the dock and we took the boat out to a place that we could work on the port engine.. We took everything off and all we need is the lift too take the remaining part of the engine out.. We will do that when the 318 engine get's in...

Thank god Dave understands about my heart...He was there in July when I had my heart attack... So he knew I wasn't doing good when he got to the boat..

But we got a lot of things done.... I dropped him off and found a nice place to anchor out..... I'm so not a dock or slip girl. People on top of people... That is not what boating is about.... So I found a place that I feel some what at home and I don't have to depend on anyone for anything out on the water other than depending on myself... What can I say I'm just that kind of girl

I know I found a great place because 3 other boats came a dropped anchor close to me....

I'm on the second day of being sedated..... Doc had to sedated me to protect my heart... I'm starting to feel a little better as of today..

But from the ship wreck and then the boat being dead in the water for 16 days.. I have lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks and all the bullshit that life hands you when you hit land... Just seem to get the best of me...

So now that the boat and I'm safe.. I'm going to turn in early

But it was so nice being back with dave on the boat... No matter our age different we kick ass on the water...

but it's 7:38 so I'm turning in for the night. Lol that is why I'm in the water to get away from all that.

I'm kind of disappointed in Naples.. They sure don't like people like me that live on the hook.. But fuck them.. They want me to move.. To bad.. This chick is not gong anywhere until I'm good and ready... End of that fucking story and I made that point to the police....Ha! So he said he would not bother me if I didn't run my generator at night.... That I will not do since he ask me very nice not too.. What can I say.. You got to give a little to get a little.

So good night to all my buds out there... I miss you guys and after I get my other engine in ... I'm like so out of here....

I have my business Partner Robert handling everything and I need to get back and get everything rolling with filming and detail there 47ft for boat TOWBOAT US...

Kiss Good night

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