Captain's Blog - Entry for March 07, 2006  

PebblesInDaKeys 50F
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3/24/2006 6:14 am
Captain's Blog - Entry for March 07, 2006

5:00am..... Woke up made some hot coco. I still hate being in this slip... As soon as the impeller is done and I get everything I need from land.I'm pulling up out of here and back on the hook... The slip is way to much a day even if I wanted it.. Which I don't...

What's the old Captain's sayin? if you did bring in we don't have it. That's a had lesson to learn

There is nothing like open water all around you and fishing anytime you want... Shrimp follow my dive light... So when I pull out I'll be ready for them .....and Gumbo it is

It's almost daylight so I'm out of here for a few. I want to get this boat cleaned up before Captain Lee gets here with the impeller then I'm off the restock the boat and get some clothes and things.

5:42 Came back to the boat and fried the shrimp I got from that old fishing captain..

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