Captain's Blog - Entry for March 03, 2006  

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3/24/2006 5:50 am
Captain's Blog - Entry for March 03, 2006

Capain's Blog,

Today was the most funniest day I had since I have been living one the hook..

Last night I lost my generator and the lights ran both battieries down from running everything.. I called out POSEIDON MARINE TOWING & SAVAGE and Captain Lee and his wife came out... They were so kewl Lee not only brought the batteries he got down in the engine room and installed them, My GEN problem was she was out of oil and it will turn it's self off if the oil level is not correct.. I have the oil for it He filled it up and clean out the filter from being grounded.. and she is up and running...

I was really impressed with this POSEIDON MARINE... They brought me ice and water... and I was good to go... As I so thought and I thought wrong...

Keep up people there will be a test on monday...

Every problem I have had is because of one reason.. Not a big enough Anchor... I will drop anchor on the south side of the bay... and I'll start working on the computer and I look up and I'm on the Northside of the Bay ...LOL to fucking funny... I jump up on my bow and I can't pull up the anchor with one hand and my boat is in going in to the mangrove AGAIN... I called this catz right back out and they knew what they problem was.... We fixed the other 2 problems but both of us forgot the anchor problem DUH !!!

Everytime I would anchor her down she was set...But every 4-6 hours when the tides changed I was off slip sliding away.... So I have been dealing with this for a week because I can't get my car from Miami to bring it down... and I really can't dock the boat..

This is not a 1 man boat This is for sure not a one man boat docking her on one engine This is fact.... This is in no way in hell a one man boat with one engine and one hand. End of Story

Don't get me wrong .. But with one engine and one hand and the strong currets under taveriner bridge makes it really hard to dock her the wind from under the bridge catches her bow on windy days.. Because I can only take the long slip because I only have half control of this girl.. I have no control of her port side..... I have to dock her, jump down from the fly bridge and stop the boat and tie her down... Not an easy as it sounds

Right now fuck it.. I'll stay right where I am... Crabbing and sliding..

Poseidon brought an anchor for a 35 foot boat and towed me out of the the shallows.. To fucking funny..... and my anchor I had before caught a stone crab trap with crabs... I'm like is the any lobsters in there... So I had a Lobster for dinner Ha! You lobster one way. Buddy I lobster another... So the Guys brought the trap back for me a put it where it was before I bought an anchor from them and they were to bring it out to me one their next call out in this area... Who knew it would be me calling?..

As they were leaving I told them I would see them in about 5 hours when the tides change..... Really didn't know how true that fact was..

LOL... My generator stop working...30 mins after they left.. I called them back the they came right back out and brought the anchor I paid for... So come to find out... To hold the wide ass boat she needs a 50ft. yachts anchor... My boat is a 1976 28ft.Trojan with fly bridge with a 12.3 beam... So she is half as wide as she is long. The 12.3 is what makes her liveable. But that also the reason she needed a much bigger anchor..

LOL Nice to know that a week later....

So now I have 2 anchor and the guys was running the new anchor line and ask to see the anchor boxs for the rope.. I'm like it's in my V- Berth and as he was going in there I realized that I had my toy there.. BUSTED like a big dog...

We all laugh... They left I told them I would see them in 5-6 hours with the tides changed..

Well, Guess the fuck what.. These 2 anchor holding... Ha! I have the anchor lines Ved out at the bow.. This girl is not going anywhere..

I had a diver come out and he checked the bottom for any damage from the MANGROVE,SHIPWRECK THING Everything is great I was really worried...

It so cracks me up that no one can or wants to take a chance docking her with one engine and I can't.. I have been on the hook for like a week or than I had to come in for fuel.. I have to be able to use my hand to climb down a ladder fast and start pulling the weight of this boat with my hands.. and I just can't do it.... I almost lost control of her when I tried it before. The wind got her bow and I have one good hand I'm I was going under the bridge side ways... My ass jump back up on the fly bridge and got her back under control and hand to come around again and reline her up with the dock. I got it on the second try.. But that shook me the fuck up...

Good Night

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