Captain's Blog - Entry for February 25, 2006  

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Captain's Blog - Entry for February 25, 2006

WOW, What a great day on the water I took the Dawg out. We had such a wonderful day at sea. We saw 5. sea turtles, 1 Manawar and a pod of Dolphines. I have pixs but I don't have the cord to upload it to the net at this time. But coming soon. I have to get it from the Dawg.

Today was a different day bring JC out. Most of the time he dive with tanks.."Mixs Gas" But now he is going back to free diving.. That boy can hold his breath over 4 mins. .... Mind Blowing..

But this morning Iwent fuel up and have breakfast...I met the owner of the cafe' there. He is nice and such and great cook... You just got to love a man that can cook. The sad thing is when JC and I was out the guy that own the cafe' lost the tip of his thumb.. JC and I pulled up at just the right time.. I have a great first aid kit aboard to we doctored him up...

The guy really seemed to dig me a.. I was docked waiting for JC and his friend.. Being Docked at the Cafe..The owner," I forgot his name" But he wanted to aboard my boat and hang with me for a few.. I'M LIKE SURE . So him and the kid that worked for him came aboard and brought a bottle of JD. They had a few drinks I had 2 since I still had to drive the boat to the hook.

But he told me breakfast was on him since I took care of him when he lost the tip of his thumb.. That boy was bleeding so bad... I really felt sorry for him.. but he was hanging with the pain..

I as hanging at the cafe' and 2 guys was there fishing. they were from Ft. Lauderdale.. They were not catching shit..I have my boat rigged for Shark fishing and I'm sitting in a 9 ft. channel.. I'm Like game on..

I'm like you want to see a shark? They were like yeah man.. Can you catch one?? I'm like sit back and watch this chik at work.... So I brought out the Fin_Nor and a balleyhoo on a steel liter...I pulled up a 5 ft.Reef Shark These catz were freaking.. I was so laughing my ass off at them.. I caught him in less then 5 mins...

The moral of this story is .. If you want to catch a big fish you have to use bigger bait.... LOL.. there is no way in hell you will catch shark on a shrimp .. Well unless you going for a bonnethead.. But never a shark over 2 ft will go for shrimp..

They wanted me to bring the shark on to the boat... LOL.. There is no fucking way.. I like my boat.. I know better.. Bring a large shark onto you boat and they shark will tear the hell out of it.. So I brought it up they saw it and took a few pixs.. and released it unharmed.. other then leaving the hook in his mouth... Fuck it I'm noy putting my hand that close to a sharks mouth.. So I cut the line... No worried.. Hooks will rust and break free from the shark in 3 days.. So he will be fine .. and no gill damage to him...

Today when when JC was under.. He shot greAt fish and a shark just came up And too it from him.... LOL ... dON'T YOU JUST HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS?

All together it was a great day at sea...

Ok guy times to turn in... Good night


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