How cum there are so many players on here?  

rm_PcolaHotCpl 61M/48F
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8/5/2006 9:12 pm
How cum there are so many players on here?

It seems like more and more of the men and women on here are players. What do I mean? They're fakes. No one seems to want to put up. All talk, not action. Take tonight for instance. I make a date with a guy this afternoon, only to be stood up, once again. He talked a really good game; but did he show up? NOPE!!! When I asked why, he gave a lame excuse and then no further contact.

WHERE ARE ALL THE ONES WHO WANT TO GET FUCKED -- NO STRINGS??? Geeze, the gamers are killing us all! I say, if your not in it for the sex -- straight up what we advertise -- then don't contact us at all. We are here for sex, not some sick game!

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