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10/28/2005 4:40 am

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OK, I'm going to see what this blog shakes-up...

I have been told time and time again from my female friends (the proper, caring, non-intimate kind) that I am 'too nice'. The only women I attract are the ones who see me as a passive resource-supplier and massager of their (toxic-)egoes. I have been told to hold back my best and keep the doubt and tension up on the woman's side or risk being treated as an easy mark.

For the next few weeks I am going to try a style of interaction with women that I actually have always thought discreditable - 'playing'.

This means, I think, deliberately targetting women in order to get immediate, low-investment and string-avoidant sex, without much attention to the emotional fall-out on the woman's side.

I'm assuming a lot. Like will the women actually give-a-shit afterwards. In my experience, they basically don't care what happens as long as they are not infected by something or robbed.

I've gotten nowhere being a gentlemen, so it's time to see what it feels like to do the using.

I'm off now to bury my conscience in a safe place, just in case I need it later...

PawPr1nt 51M
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10/29/2005 11:59 pm

OK, if you have seen my blog-entry 'Don't look now...' you will probably know I fell at the first hurdle, ie displaying of wanton niceness to a woman, depsite what I committed to doing in this blog...

For my sins, I went into town for an hour or so and did some blatant eye-contact exercises. You know, the ones where you see an attractive person, say nothing, but put a quality into your glance into their eyes to make them respond? Hmmm... I was on a roller yesterday...

According to what I have read, being in the right 'state' is crucial to getting all your body language right and having the self-confidence to ball's-out a open 'Hi-we-both-know-we-would-fuck-each other-if-we-had-the-chance' look. To be honest, I'm so new at this conscious signalling of attraction that I'm satisfied (for now) that the woman doesn't get up and sit somewhere else or scowl at me

My ego was definitely feeling fluffy and warm for the day...

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