Easily Pleased  

PawPr1nt 51M
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11/16/2005 3:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Easily Pleased

Well, I think I found my first 'asp' in the AdultFriendFinder fruit-bowl...

I'll name no specific handle, yet, but her kind are called 'trolls' in chatroom/forum parlance, I believe. If she is as intelligent as she is sarcastic, it may occur to her to track me down to my own blog and attempt to pull my wings off again

Step into my parlor...

(Then again she may just calm down and I can regard her humour with kinder eyes..mebbe.)

Anyway, guess who got a 4 page e-mail from his cancelled-date lady? I was due to have a dinner-out with a Wiccan lady in the UK (mentioned in earlier blogs) last week, but she called-off due to stresses with her business. It pissed me off quite a bit, because I really wanted to meet her. I tried to explain some of my emotional background in an e-mail, so she didn't misunderstand my perspective and response.

I got a whole load of background on her past-experiences too and things really look quite promising. Whatever I wrote made her feel more comfortable with me and I now have her home telephone number. Big-deal, you may say, but because of the nature of her business and the 'post' she holds in the region's pagan community, she has very frequently been dated for the freak-factor. Few people get her direct number, she tells me. I read about some ugly stuff that she had played on her. Nuff said.

I'll bid you adieu for now, with a quote I found about open-mindedness -

'Suppose a man can convince me of error and bring home to me that I am mistaken in thought or act;I shall be glad to alter, for the truth is what I pursue, and no one was ever injured by the truth, whereas he is injured who continues in his own self-deception and ignorance.'

...from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

leeleebethkidman 33F

11/18/2005 11:36 pm

Well now...I would like to know who the lady is that was able to pull your wings off (I knew you had some hidden somewhere) She sounds very unattractive, refering to her as a troll and all. Unless, of course, you used the term as a metaphore comparing the person to the troll because of the whole aura of the story hmm... I wonder which it is. Anyways enough of the mystery lady (you deserve a very beautiful lady btw that will treat you right and show you true love can strive again after the hardships you have had. Do not settle for just anyone. Make sure you are happy. How is the Pagan leader chick holding out in your eyes!?! She sounds a little out there but so am I so what can I say. Not too much surprises me with people. I think it is because I have such an open mind. People who cannot be open minded towards others really annoy me. I don't like others much usually because of facts like that. Here is a quote that sums up my typical outlook, "Now people are like books to me. I read them from cover to cover and toss them aside. I devour them one after the other and the more I read, the more insatiable I become." Not many people can catch my attention or keep it for very long and you have managed to catch my attention. For that I am grateful because I do not find many people I would actually like to talk to. Sure I talk to others but it is usually a fake (I want you to shut up so i'm going to say what you want to hear so you'll leave me alone) conversation. I love your quote. If only my father would take that same advice and apply it to his same old set in his ways mundane life. The other day you said you would come back and reply when you have thought about it. How did that turn out?
<3 Your buddy

PawPr1nt 51M
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11/19/2005 12:51 am

Well, LBK, all I can say with regard to the 're-think' is that it has stopped me thinking (as) bitterly about what has happened to me in the past and has allowed me to calm down on what may be ahead of me.

I don't actually need to understand what the new perspective means in detail; if it has made me happier and more accessible for people, who cares

It could be that I was already at my pain-threashold on the whole issue (if you read my blogs, you'll get the drift) and your blog allowed me to think of my problem from someone else's (your) perspective.

Here's a good quote from Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns -

'Whid the Lord the giftie gie'us, tae see ursells as ithers see'us'
(Would that the Lord give us the gift, to see ourselves as others see us') - from 'Tae a Loose'/'To a Louse'.*

I'm essentially a kind of trouble-shooter and ideas-guy, so this tactic of getting outside a process or situation (in the workplace) has helped me understand issues and create solutions that had hitherto not been seen or considered.

Don't expect your dad to change as you want him to. Things in life made him the way he is and life will have to show him something else before he sees it any differently. My father is 63 and only now is able to see the value in reading a story to his grandchild. Change has to come from inside.

From my time in the various weird jobs I have done, taking time to work out what makes a person tick on the inside is the best way to understand and maybe adjust them on the outside. Often the person themselves hasn't a clue how they actually tick; they just react/respond according to some inner programming. You, however, may observe and understand with greater clarity from the outside. Maybe it will simply change your own reaction to them and they haven't changed atall...

Check this out - http://AdultFriendFinder.com

* To a Louse - Was a form of love poem Burns wrote about a more well-to-do girl he was infatuated with as a boy. He was sat behind her in church and was fascinated with her lovely long hair... then noticed the louse. It is poignant, because love and admiration do tend to blind us to natural flaws in a person, but our own pride or haughtiness can be shattered by small, unattractive details.

My pagan priestess? Lets give her the handle 'Selene'... After reading her long e-mail, I am optimistic that at the very least, she will be a close correspondant as time goes on and it does not phase me one bit thinking about getting MUCH closer, if circumstances allow. I have wanted to know her for 12 years and I am going to find out who she really is. I can't lose, whatever happens between us. She is not an extrovert, but has at times exposed herself in order to seek companionship or fun. The utterly awful things that she tells me have been said to her, by people she dated, left me drained at the depth of inhumanity shown. OK, she is a self-declared size-20 'witch', but she is and feels like a whole lot more. I just know her as 'Selene', a BBW with a voice like a handful of chiming pebbles (sorry, it's a sound I like and I can't describe it any other way) and an insight into my own philosophy on human existence.

I NEVER throw books away or discard them. They join the other literary companions I have, in my bookshelf. Some I may never read again, but I 'grew' with them and owe them something.

PawPr1nt 51M
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11/19/2005 1:44 am

A 'troll' is something very specific in internet terms -


There is a site somewhere which describes most of the archetypes in chat/forum sites. Funny as hell, but gives advice on dealing with them, too. I believe I am known as a 'freedom-fighter' or suchlike. I'll have a hunt and post the URL.

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