Let Downs & New Hopes  

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3/7/2005 10:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Let Downs & New Hopes

Well, we were all set to have our first meet-up on the 5th. Unfortunately we had plans to help some friends out before hand, starting at 10am and hoping to wrap up around noon.

So, we planned to meet another couple around 2 or so. Thankfully we planned to call and decide where after we were done....

Finally at almost 5pm we walked out and realized most of the day was gone. Late lunch nothing, it was dinner time.

By that time a meet was just not goingto happen since both couples had other stuff needing to get done.

On a brighter note, we sort of have an idea now to invite a few couples to meet at the same time in a nice resturant on the outskirts of town somehere. Since Toledo has a smoking ban and I hate to make others suffer through going outside.

Hopefully the other couples will like the idea too. **keeps fingers crossed**

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