The old man in the cave told me to come here  

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3/8/2006 9:53 pm

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The old man in the cave told me to come here

In the account description I were asked many personal questions: what are you looking for, how big is your dick.

The one question I was not asked for was:

why are you here?

Why the hell are you here... and not at the bar. The pub, the club, the whatever you have over there.

Too bad because the story is actually quite nice.

I was hearing Steve Pavlina podcast on consulting your intuition. It is the pod cast number 3. It gave guidelines on how to interface your subconscious mind with your conscious mind. QUite interesting... oh nothing new, but re hearing things I have worked on for many years ago is still interesting, as it gives new insights about it. It is like taking your camera and after 2 years of using it, finally taking the time to look at the instruction manual. Many things you already know, but what you have missed might actually be extreemly valuable.

So I went on with the podcast, and decided to give it a try (I did usa a different method previously). The method was very easy: just take pen and pencil, write a question, relax, right whatever comes to your mind as the answer. Repeat.

At first ask question about where you stand, then ask question about how to reach what you want to reach.

So I asked: what is my current situation respect to having a partner?
It's not that I didn't know it. It's more that I did not know what was behind it. Knowing that your wallet is empty is different from knowing that your wallet is empty and you have no job and no job coming. And is the 'job coming' bit that was missing.

Apart for the obvious: you have no partner, some other bits of info came out...
you don't want a partner
Are you sure?
Of course, you have been mind washed that you need a partner, but deeply inside you don't want one, and that is why you don't have one.

That surely made sense. But then, what about sex. I like sex... sex is fun (on this I was corrected: only some sex is fun. Ok, I stand corrected, touchee).

To the question: what about a family, and having kids I was answered to wait, as it is too early. At 35 it is an acceptable answer only if you are a man, with a career that you really love. I am, so fair enogh.

But still the sex bit was missing. How am I going to find sex that is fun.

Add to this that I truly believe that the best sex depends on attraction, chemistry and love. If I am not going to have a partner in the short run, am I going to be chaste or onanistic for the rest of my life. That didn't sound like very healthy. My subconscious should take care of my helth, I was told. (That was probably subconscious 2.0, mine is 1.9).

The answer was: Women want sex as much as you do, you need to find them through dating agencies, though, as in normal life they will deny it. Ok, it was longer, but this was the summary. I was also suggested magazines.

My next question was about respect: will this be ok for the women? And here the answer was neither a straight yes nor a straight no. Essentially it said: if you are honest about your intentions and your limits then you are not generating any extra karma.

So I am here, I am here because of a self discovery technique, and I will be here for one month minimum. I also paid the entrance coin. If in one month I have not met anyone, I have not got nothing out of this experience I shall leave, and consider this a failure.

I will also blog my tentatives. So stay tuned

29 days. Nothing new from the internet front.

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