Looking at Male/Female ratio in FriendFinder  

Patrizio1970 46M
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3/9/2006 2:10 pm

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Looking at Male/Female ratio in FriendFinder

As I said in my other entries, I am very new around here. I am still trying to understand what can I do, and how to do it. A comment from [SoyKOFLA] explained me how to put links. In the meantime, in the article I tried to link before, it said how the ratio of men/women was more than 11 to 1. SO I started wonder: how much more?

Let's start by saying that I am a man interested in looking for a woman (femme, from now on). I want to know how many femme are out there and how much competition do I have to win.

Here we go:

In the US: 6,977,306 men vs 600,576 femme. Ratio 1/11.62

The article said that it was worse than 1 to 11. Fair, nothing to say, they were probably refering to the US. Now let's see in Europe, and since there is no data for the whole Europe I shall do it for a couple of countries.

Italy: 409,641 vs 8,121 ratio 1/50.44
Germany: 657,419 vs 15,673 ratio 1/41.95
UK: 1,043,622 vs 56,844 ratio 1/18.36

And since those are the only countries where I tend to travel I shall stop here. But you can imagine the rest, or even calculate it yourself, as the data are all generously provided.

Is there some lessons to be taken out of all this.
The first is that US women seem to be more liberated than European women. Or maybe European women are so scared of making bad encounters that naturally stay away from this site. While US women, maybe protected by the much criticized (also by me) political correctness, feel actually safe enough to try it. And maybe it is a bit of both, who knows. But then of course the problem gets personal, is it really worth to spend time and effort in this site to build an online persona, if the chances to 'conclude' are so slim. Well, a first answer might be that even though you might not conclude you still will make many nice friends.

yes but...

You see, I don't know you but this is not the first net community I join. More like the 20th. And I need two hands to count all the blogs I had. My most succesful one is quite high on technorati. I have people reading me and commenting on it. I don't need it... if it is just for the friendship. I need something more.

You see, is not for the money. I would not mind paying 50 dollars a month if I would get out of this a community where my sexuality could really thrive. I could pay 4 times that if I were assured I could express the sexual vulcano I sit on daily. And before you think I am advertising myself, I don't think in this I am anywhere different from the other 50/1 men you get for every women in Italy.

And, you see, I am not criticizing AdultFriendFinder. I think they are doing a good job, but if the culture makes the female/male ratio a 1 to 50, it is surely not that appetizer for me. I don't know what they should do. I am just thinking aloud at the moment.

Then I decided to look at my area. Or better say, the area where I am currently residing and studying: Thuringen.

male 11,779
female (femme!): 253
ratio: 46.56

There are 253 women in my area. 253 women who will receive the messages from 11779 man.

poor souls

Add to this (actually subtract from this) that I will not date anybody who is married. (I make exceptions if the husband is ok with that, but I might ask for a signed permission ). Subtract that I am 35 and women tend to be either so young that they don't want to interact with someone that old. (I mean, I am so old I could be their brother), while older women are often married and looking for an extramarital affair. And we might have easily shrinked from 253 to maybe a two or one... if we are lucky. So, probably a final competition of 1000 male to 1 female. Fair.

I think I was never in such a tough competition from when the half of me that was a spermatozoo won all the others and reached the other half of me that was the egg. And in that case I had won automatically for half of it.

And, finally, after all this filtering we can start speak about interests, desires, and chemistry.

Hmmmm, and more hmmmmm, and more hmmmmmm.
Do you see what I mean when I say that the statistics are making this whole adventure not really worth while.

So, a question to the men.
Especially for the men not from the US
If it wasn't for the (male or female) friends, that you might have met here. Would you still be here?
Most of you came here to find a partner or sex. Was it worth, strictly from that point of view.

rm_JAMSF 54M
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3/10/2006 9:49 am

Interesting. I conducted the same sort of analysis last night. Came to the same conclusion. See my BLOG entry "The statistics of meeting for sex". I targeted the demographic I'm most interested in and came up with a ratio of between 33 and 72 men for every woman. The ratio of all people both active on this site AND who live near Minneapolis, MN, US is between 15 and 25 men for every woman.
My analysis did not include couples, homosexuals or transvestites. I doubt that will change the statistics very much. And the numbers may be different for different subsets. Still, it's likely true everywhere, and in every subgroup, that there are far more men actively looking for sex than women.

The question becomes, what do you do about it? I have some ideas involving going where the women go, but they don't involve this site.

DaveBusters95 48M
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3/12/2006 7:03 pm

Patricio, you still have to include the word blog inside the square:
[ blog patrizio1970], remember, no space between the squares and the letters.

Patrizio1970 46M
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3/13/2006 4:08 pm

Thanks to both. I think that this web site has between zero and nil possibilities for a man to look for companionship so I am leaving. I sahall explore the other possibilities in my next entry.

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