Habits in the Making  

PathAddict 45M
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3/24/2006 9:32 am

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4/13/2006 5:45 pm

Habits in the Making

For my first post, I've decided to expand upon something printed in my profile. Aptly, it recounts how a certain woman took me for my first ride:

I was pretty old: 19 years old. I was playing in my first band, and we had been booked to play two nights at a little bar in the city where I grew up. We didn't have our act polished, but we made up for it in enthusiasm and attitude. The first night, we played to a near-capacity audience, a benefit of the bar's proximity to a street festival that was underway. We put on a great show, keeping the crowd hopping and drinking for most of the night, such that on the second night the bar was packed wall-to-wall. I was delirious with excitement.

I was surprised at how much more responsive women were in those few hours onstage than they had ever seemed before, and delighted at the interest that a particularly attractive audience member showed. She was very attractive, and several years older than I, but my confidence was soaring. She wasn't dressed in anything particularly provocative: just jeans and a fitted tank top. But she had beautiful arms, a devastating smile, and the sort of breasts that all but announce themselves to every male in range.

I sat down with her and her friends between sets, they bought me a drink, and the ball started rolling. She was clearly interested, playing with her hair, laughing at everything I said. The bar was noisy, and she kept leaning in against me to speak in my ear: a very sexy move. She asked how many sets we were playing (answer: 3) and what time we'd be done (answer: 2 am). To this, she responded that she'd better start drinking coffee if she was going to have any energy left by then. I got the sense that her friends were privy to her intentions, and they were goading her on. Who was I to throw a wrench in their fun?!

I got laid. Really laid.

When we arrived at her apartment (which she shared with one of the other women I had met that evening, and who was conveniently sleeping elsewhere for the night) I told her I was a virgin. I recognized by the twinkle in her eyes that this fact would assure me no gentle treatment.

Leaving me in a state of paralyzed arousal, she took off her clothes, one item at a time, giving my circulatory system sufficient time to adjust to my rising blood pressure. I remember her breasts being very flushed, and salty from a night of dancing.

By the time my clothes had come off, and after a quick pass through the shower, I could barely keep myself from falling into climax. She must have known this, yet mounted me as soon as she had me lying down. Riding me as she was, I didn't last more than a few seconds (surprise, surprise), but she kept the sex rolling for a couple of hours.

A hell of a first experience.

So there we are... first time. I never developed a drug habit, but as for sex and rock'n'roll... I'm still hooked. How about you?

champagnechaser 41F
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3/26/2006 6:47 pm

Yes, hoplessly addicted!

PathAddict replies on 3/27/2006 4:31 am:
Nice eyes, Champagne...

I notice a Robert Smith quote in your profile. Are you a Cure fan? Our band used to a folksy rendition of "It's Friday, I'm In Love"

MWWwantsmore 51F

3/27/2006 1:52 pm

Sex and Rock and Roll, yes addicted lol. Also love a man who can sing and play Stevie Ray on the guitar...sooo sexy to me

PathAddict replies on 3/27/2006 2:09 pm:
How about a little "Pride and Joy?" Anything I should work up for an encore? Or is one performance enough for you? (smile)

Shame about that helicopter.

PathAddict 45M

3/27/2006 2:50 pm

By the way, y'all...

Even though this is my 'first' posting, my actual first is the "Green Room" one. That entry introduces how I've conceived my overall 'blog trajectory'. It should serve as the "WARNING: READ BEFORE USING" label that you see on everything from shampoo to roasted peanuts.

If you were only to read this entry, you might think I'm some sort of has-been, narcissistic loser, instead of a has-been, narcissistic... wait a minute.

MWWwantsmore 51F

3/27/2006 5:51 pm


Now how did you know that was my favorite?

Whats this about a helicopter?????????

PathAddict replies on 3/27/2006 5:54 pm:
I think Stevie died in a helicopter crash, along with a contingent of Clapton's crew. No?

Kaliedascope61 41M
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3/27/2006 7:57 pm

great story, thanks for sharing.

champagnechaser 41F
1639 posts
3/28/2006 2:49 pm

Thank you, and yes i am a cure fan.

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