Fiddling Around - The Pleasant Memory  

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4/5/2006 5:12 am
Fiddling Around - The Pleasant Memory

Fiddling Around - The Pleasant Memory
(see previous post for the unpleasant)

When you’re touring the folk circuit, you get to know some of the other acts pretty well.
You’re often driving the same roads, and playing the same houses just days after each other. And when you have a day off in a strange town, what else is there to do but go to the pub for drinks and to hear who is playing.

That is how I met her. She had spent the last several summers touring with a group of guys who, while competent musicians, lacked the punch required to kick the roof off a place. She changed all of that for them. For starters, she was a first rate fiddler, trained in traditional Irish and British idioms. Second, she could really cut loose on stage. And third… oh my god… she was a smoldering celtic beauty. Now I know, despite what the various tourism agencies of the British Isles would have us believe, that not *all* celtic women are beautiful; she, however, was the truth behind the myth: perfectly balanced elfish limbs, a lightly freckled nose and d├ęcolletage, brooding eyes, and a cascade of wavy strawberry hair.

She was also a weapons-grade bitch. I don’t blame her for this, as hers was the sort of beauty that renders men idiots. Every conversation with a guy was a subtle (or not so subtle) attempt on his part to bed her, and the combination of her physical attractiveness and aloofness made her an enemy of women. But even a porcupine has to mate from time to time. Any of the guys in her band would have loved to submit to her need, but she wanted nothing of that. Denied, they adopted a unified front, sublimating their lusts into a jealous, brother-like web of protection: if they couldn’t have her, nobody would.

Our bands were both booked to play a three-day summer music festival at a Rocky Mountain ski resort. It was the third year my band had performed at the festival, and was easily our favorite stop on tour: we were put up in posh resort hotel rooms, we ate breakfast and lunch on the resort tab, and we worked only 3-4 hours each afternoon. Nights were spent carousing at the resort pubs and clubs, and mornings were spent sleeping off the carousing. Pretty easy lifestyle to get used to. But I digress….

Being their *first* experience at the festival, the other band was pleased to have us (my band) acquaint them with the ins-and-outs of the festival itself, as well as the aforementioned nightlife. This we were more than pleased to do, as the only thing more fun than one group of rabble-rousers in a club is two.

And, of course, it was a chance to watch *her*, to talk to her, to be caught in the crush of club-goers with her, to smell her hair, and even to brush against her. It was a chance to prove ourselves worthy of her interest, to have her accept us into her orbit, and maybe... to be responsible for knocking loose from her a knee-weakening smile.

That’s all for now, y’all…

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