The Proposition  

Passionatelove70 46F
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7/22/2005 6:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Proposition

I met a man on AdultFriendFinder and have been seeing each other for a while.We email each other throughout the day. It's developing into a what appears to be a beautiful relationship.
To my surprise, last night he was telling me about some of his ultimate fantasys. The one that seemed at the top of his list was to have a girlfriend/wife who would have sex with other guys and then come home to him and have sex with him. It's not the first time I've heard this fantasy from a guy. When I first found AdultFriendFinder about a year ago one of my first chats with a guy was with a man who had pretty much the same fantasy. Well, that guy wanted me to get gang banged while he watched. But he also fantasized about me having sex with other guys and coming back and telling him all about it. I remember back to those nights we'd be talking on the phone (he did most of the talking) and he'd tell me these fantasys which I never thought would be something I'd like. But strangely enough when he was describing them to me I was getting wet and excited. One day he took it a little too far and wanted to have sex on my young son's bed. That was just too sick minded for me and I ended contact with him (had never met him). So, now this wonderful man comes into my life and has the same fantasies. I think when he told me them he thought I would never consider it or would think he was weird. But, I don't think it is weird anymore. I mean, we each have different things that turn us on and if that's what he likes and it doesn't involve pain or hurting anyone, I'm okay with it. He seemed a bit shocked when I said that I'd be his personal slut and have sex with other guys and tell him about it. Then, once it sunk in, I think he was in heaven just thinking about it. LOL. I loved seeing the smile on his face and feel his cock get hard with his imagination running. I asked him, what happens if I fall for one of these guys. He replied by saying it is a chance he has to take if he wants the fantasy to come true. I told him I love sex and was falling for him and if that was his fantasy I will do my best to spoil him. I have my profile turned off right now because I was getting 5-15 new emails a day when it was on. He asked me to turn it back on so I could find guys. I told him that I have a number of guys I could call at anytime who I know wouldn't turn down my offer for sex. Plus, I'd rather stick with guys I've already been with for safety purposes and other reasons.
I'm interested to see how this turns out. Part of me is Ms. Goody Goody and thinks "what the heck are you getting yourself into"? But my naughty side is saying "OMG - this is going to be so totally awesome" and gets wet just thinking about it.
I'm wondering if other guys have this type of fantasy (of having their girlfriend/wife be with other men and come back and tell them about it or clean the cum out of them). I'd love to hear responses from women too about if they've ever been in a relationship like this and how things worked out.

mnfun952 102M

7/23/2005 4:34 pm

It's far more common than you might imagine... in my opinion, I think it has to do with a guy's ego... he knows that ultimately, you are his girl...but all these other guys find you DAMN sexy and love fucking you...but at the end of the day, he comes home to tell him about your adventures... about being a sexy little slut and having the time of your life TOTALLY into sex. Men love women who are extremely sexual and what better way of expressing that sexuality than to explore with other men... AND other women.... and be able to hear about it, or join in on a threesome (or moresome) just makes the fantasy (and the reality) even more erotic.

Enjoy yourself...explore...and have fun!! Lots of fun.


runski 34M
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7/26/2005 4:22 pm

i was wondering if u wanted to get together with a younger guy and see how things go let me know

charismasix 44M

7/26/2005 8:16 pm

I think if you are hooking up with someone and its a one time thing then this is an exciting story to bring home. You can tell them about it, or not at all, because its a one time hookup. If this may a longer term friendship/relationship it may be good to say I am not just seeing you I am involved with another guy/girl as well. Not only for health reasons but, to allow them to say they are into it or not.

Also, it could be good to test the water, and talk about this persons fantasy with the new person to see if it is something they would be into. You never know, if they are into it and feel good about it maybe it could lead to group activities or who knows.

Dream_Tender 68M
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7/27/2005 4:06 pm


Your descriptions are amazing and I can only be envious of the lucky guy. To find a woman who is sensuous, erotic, loving and able to write as well as you is my lifetime dream. Wishing you all the best and only sad that I didn't write back sooner. You are a dream...


delicate_dvnt 37F
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7/29/2005 2:13 am

hey kitten
my doggy and me, well, we enjoy our little nesthole just the two of us. Outside of the bedroom, he's more the boss and has, in the past, often questionned me as to why i haven't explored my bisexuality. Now...i've been indulging in various types of interactions with other women. This makes my man horny because he believes it will make me a much more open and adventurous lover. He's not necessarily into the whole 'guy sits and watches' thing, he just wants me to be more comfortable and open with my body and sexuality. My journey...although slow, has been paying off i find that other women, with all their fears and insecurities, make superb playmates because they can offer something that a man can't...something that is a reflection of oneself. As was said before in previous comments, it depends on a man's ego; if he's strong enough he'll let you go places...places that he, perhaps, cannot begin to fantasise about...and once you've been will be YOU who does all the talking...he'll just sit, with PRICKED UP ears and listen
DD x

slamminscott 46M

7/29/2005 9:08 am

I had a girlfriend that almost did that. She invited the guy over and gave him a blow-job. When I came home from work, she told me all about it.

She didn't feel comfortable going all the way.

The funny thing was: I had mentioned it just once in passing, never thinking that she would truly act upon it.

smackyman 46M
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7/31/2005 1:50 am

I've got to admit that I'm in that boat - I've fantasized about a lady I'm involved with having encounters with other guys and then sharing them with me. She hasn't acted this out yet - she is currently just sharing stories with me from the past. But I have told her of my idea...good to hear that I'm not alone in this fantasy! Let us know what ends up happening for you good experience or bad.

rocketyursocket7 51M
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8/30/2005 8:57 am

Passion, I'm willing to contribute to the cause!

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