Sex at the Office......... a fantasy....  

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8/23/2005 7:52 pm

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Sex at the Office......... a fantasy....

I often masturbate and think of the following scene.... I meet an intelligent & sexy business man through AdultFriendFinder. His office is close to where I work so we decide to meet at his work after it's closed. After I'm done working, I go into my office's bathroom to change clothes. I put on black thigh high stockings, high heels, a lace black bra, and lace black thong. Over that I put on a short & tight black mini skirt and a low cut red shirt (red is the color of passion). I am nervous to meet him but excited too. When we chatted we seemed to have so much in common and I loved his sense of humor. I met him outside and am amazed at how damn HOT he is. He was wearing Dockers khaki pants with a tight fitting black shirt that showed off his luscious arm and chest muscles. I get wet just dreaming about what his cock would feel like deep within my pussy. I can tell he's checking me out from head to toe. I look into his eyes, smile, and laugh. I ask him if he likes what he sees as I turn around to show him my ass. He gets a huge grin and tells me I am so much better looking than my pictures online! He said he forgot something in his office and asks if I want to come in and he'll show me around. I follow him into the office and notice he locked the door behind us. He grabs my hand and leads me past a bunch of cubes where people work. His private office is at the far end of the large room. I stare in shock and jealousy as he opens the door and I see a huge expensive desk, a couch, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city lights, and impressive paintings on the wall. I glace at his desk and admire how organized he is. Everything seems to be in it's place. He shuts the door behind us. He walks past me towards his desk and I check out his butt. WOW! If looks could kill, I'd be dead. I think about how his ass must feel as I touch it when he is fucking me. He asks me to come over to his desk, and I do so without question. He asks me if I find him attractive. I tell him definately! I ask him the same question and he tells me he finds me so sexy that he can't wait another minute and wants to be inside me. We start passionately kissing. My panties are getting soaked and all we've done so far is kissed! I've never felt so horny before! As he presses up against me, I feel his cock is hard. I let out a little moan. He takes me and lifts me up and sets me on his desk. We continue kissing and he begins to take off my clothing. I'm embarrassed at first because the huge windows are right there and I feel like anyone walking outside could see us. I notice the windows are tinted - probably to keep the sunlight from being too strong, but maybe it helps people from seeing in this point, I want to get fucked so bad I don't care about anything else. I continue letting him undress me and he kisses me all over. I pull off his shirt and unbuckle his pants. He says "you want to get fucked pretty bad don't you?" I tell him "God yes!". I'm now sitting on his desk in only my lingerie. I've gotten all his clothes off with the exception of his sexy tight black boxer briefs. I laugh and tell him great minds think alike and how we both have on black undergarments. He smiles. He slowly kisses his way from my mouth, down my neck, down my chest...he pushes my bra up and begins sucking on my breasts. Oh God I am in heaven! As he sucks and nibbles on my tits, he get my bra off. Before we go any further, I tell him that I can squirt a lot and is he sure he wants to fuck me on his nice desk. He says "Definately....if it leaves any stains then I will have something to remember you by....I don't care about anything right now but being with you". I lay down on the desk and he pulls my thong off. He sees my shaven wet pussy and I see the excitement in his eyes. I sit up and tell him it's not fair I'm naked and then I take off his briefs. For the first time I get to see his cock. OMG! It is one of the longest and thickest cocks I've seen! I think I start to drool! I also notice that he is very clean and shaven. He eases me back so I am laying on the desk. He spreads me wide and begins to lick my clit. OMG! This is just so overwhelming....this has got to be a dream. I'm dripping wet on his desk. He then licks my pussy and tells me how delicious I taste. I say "fuck me". He looks into my eyes and says he's going to make me cum over and over tonight. He starts licking my clit again and inserts a long thick finger into my pussy. I can't believe it but I immediately have an orgasm. I squirm and scream "Oh God I love that!". He continues and soon I am squirting time and time again. His desk is soaking wet and so is my ass and pussy. I can tell he is just loving making me squirt and can't get enough of it. I wonder if he is actually enjoying this more than me! I beg him to stop and to fuck me. He stands up straight and hard cock is erect and I can see a little bit of precum dripping from his penis. MMMM....I think about sucking on his cock but before I think any more, he grabs me by my hips and easily slides his huge tool into me. He tells me I am so wet and how much that makes him even hornier. He puts his hands around my waist and forces me to slide up and down his cock. I moan with pleasure and I hear him make some quiet sounds of estasy. After a few minutes he pulls his cock out of me and asks me to stand up. I stand up and he turns me around and pushes me towards his desk. I spread my hands on the desk and spread my legs so he has easy access to my pussy or ass. I wonder what he's going to do....fuck my pussy or my ass. He pushes me into a good position and begins to fuck my pussy. I feel like such a slut but am enjoying this so much! After a while of pounding my pussy he takes his cock, which is dripping wet from my continuous squirting and eases it into my ass. I beg him to be gentle since I am new at this....I am amazed at how easily he is able to get that huge cock into my tight ass! I start to worry that it's going to hurt but he is so gentle with me. He whispers "Oh, I love your tight ass. I want to fuck it all're so beautiful.". While he's fucking me I'm screaming pretty loud because there is a bit of pain mixed with the pleasure. We both hear a door must be the main entrance from outside. He says "Shit, that must be one of my employees!". I figure he's going to stop fucking my ass but he doesn't. He somehow bends down and picks up his shirt and asks me to try to not scream so loud. I get the hint and put the shirt in my mouth. I can't believe we're fucking like animals and one of his employees could be right on the other side of his office door! I feel so sexy and slutty bent over this hot executives desk getting fucked up the ass! After a while, I just can't take it anymore! My body is so tired and my arms are shaking from holding myself in just the right position for him to access my ass. I beg him to cum on me. A few minutes later I hear him moan loudly and pull his cock out of me. I feel hot cum shooting all over my ass (and see some falling onto the desk). I can't believe how loud he was considering the employee was probably still in the office! He says "That was the best sex I've ever had! You are so damn sexy and I love every inch of your body!". We both get dressed and talk a little about how great the sex was and how we HAVE to get together again SOON and OFTEN! We discuss how we should leave his office. We are both so tired that neither of us can come up with any good ideas. We decide to just walk out quickly.....He holds my hand and opens the door.... we notice the lights are off and think the employee must have left. He leads me through the maze of cubicles and out the door. We say good night to each other after a long passionate kiss. Suddenly we are bathed in light as we notice there is a car in the parking lot that just turned it's lights directly on us. I think that it must be the employee who was inside and get a little worried. He holds his hand up to his eyes so he can see the vehicle. He looks at me and laughs. I ask him what's so funny. He said that it wasn't another employee in the car. I tell him, "oh thank God!". He takes his hands and cradles my face and gazes deeply into my eyes. He says "No, it's not another employee....that's the president of the company...MY BOSS!". I stand there with my mouth hanging open thinking he's going to get fired. The car drives off. He laughs again and says not to worry because he caught the president fucking his secretary in the office about a year now they're even!

bella_ 47F
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8/24/2005 8:33 pm

Now how am I going to get to sleep after reading this? I am perspiring!!

TittyFucker1975 41M

8/24/2005 8:59 pm

Give me a second to catch my breath!

If it were my fantasy there are a few tweaks I would make, personally:

1.) I would have left the thong on you. I find that it adds a little friction, and pressure during sex.

2.) When bending you over, I would take you to the window, letting you lean on the glass while fucking.

3.) I have my own personal favs for finishing ! (check handel for ideas

Great story, I will sleep well!!!

captaindischarge 45M

8/24/2005 10:11 pm

that was very nice indeed!!!!

smackyman 46M
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8/24/2005 10:23 pm

Thanks for the chubby! That fantasy is great. Here's to hoping that one day you will be able to make it a reality. Although it's still great with it just being a fantasy. Really enjoy it when you take the time to write these stories. I think I have to call a FFriend now- gotta go! Thanks babe!

scarzack 55M
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8/27/2005 5:56 pm

Wow indeed. I will be a frequent flyer here. Thanks

Wordsmith2004 36M
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8/27/2005 9:30 pm

Very saucy stuff...stop it! It's too sexy no no ez too sexy! lol

I shall be returning methinks


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emm 46M

8/28/2005 7:56 am

The fanatsy and the pic you have with go so well s like being voyeur....

Nice story...

snowman0808 44M
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8/28/2005 6:21 pm

Great fantasy, I think you know what things I would do to add my own special touch....LOL.

Would love to get together again!!!!

rm_Anto1245 40M
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8/29/2005 8:12 am

It was a wintry, windy New York evening, a good night to stay home by the fire, or perhaps rush from a well-heated taxi into a well-heated building. Yet here were some 3000 well-heeled, bejewelled and befurred New Yorkers gathered outside a tiny, though quite prestigious Soho art gallery, waving their tickets and waiting in the wind for hours. What were they waiting to see? Sex with a capital X.
Live pornographic sex acts, produced by the artist Heilman-C, were being performed in the distinguished environment of the famed Jack Tilton art gallery. Very hoity-toity-horny. Very exciting for the Soho-ites. Pretty exciting for me too. I was in the center of the cyclone, the eye of the human hurricane raging in the heart of New York art, smack in the middle of this preposterous, anti-art artwork of pure human sex. Tongues, penises, vulvas, asses, bellybuttons, sweat, sperm, astroglide; it was all there. “Sex Acts” in Soho.

I was the “Sex Act Facilitator,” the go-between betwixt the Sex Actors (Anna Malle, Hank Armstrong, Missy and Mickey), who were having sex pretty continuously on a bed (with the sheets and pillows from our suite at the Plaza!) behind me, and the audience, 30 to 40 new people every five minutes, covered in winter coats and boots, tromping in from the cold to see what all the fuss was about. I felt like a human zookeeper, though my perception as to which side the animals were on was continuously changing. Since my audience had to come and go every five minutes, the image of a carnival barker also applies. Or maybe a drill sergeant. Getting each group to turn around and leave after just five minutes--once they realized that live Sex Acts were indeed being performed before their eyes and in the presence of their loved ones–had to be a military-style operation.

The really fun part of my job was inviting various people from the audience to step beyond the velvet rope and “direct’ the sex actors in a porn scene, as in “Anna, you go down on Hank, and Missy go down on Mickey,” or “Everybody make a daisy chain” or “Missy, you sit on Hank’s face while Missy fingers Anna’s ass and Anna tongues Mickey’s ear,” or whatever. The actors had the option to say no to any direction, but for the most part, they did what they were asked to do, and they were asked to do some pretty acrobatic things, like Mickey standing on his head as Missy gave him head. Wow. Sometimes I felt like I was coaching the American team for the new Sexual Olympics. Tara may have wowed ‘em in Nagano with her triple axles, but Anna and Hank drove ‘em wild in New York with their standing upside-down 69’s.

We had several cameras documenting everything (tapes soon to be available). Filming the Sex Actors was our own Ben Schlaver in his glory, rolling around the gallery floor, jumping on the come-and-astroglide soaked bed, wiggling his ass crack at unsuspecting art patrons, a natural pornmeister. Heilman-C herself (alias Gloria) was on the camera in the back, getting shots of the audience gawking, talking, directing, stripping, being shocked, being inspired and giggling, among other things. Another camera overhead got the whole room, the total exhibitionist-voyeuristic spectacle--sex actors, spectators, camerapeople and me--documenting the reactions of the art patrons to pornography, as well as the reactions of the porn actors to the art patrons.

But as I said, the gallery itself was only the eye of the hurricane. There was a virtual blizzard of art-horny humanity outside that I didn’t even see, being held prisoner within the pheromone-soaked inner sanctum. But I did hear enough to be able to piece together what it might have been like to attend. Assuming you didn’t get there really early, as you turned onto Green Street, you encountered the human tempest, a gigantic but amazingly well-behaved mob. A little pushing, but no fighting. Everyone was practicing what I call the Bonobo Way, peace through pleasure. NYPD cruisers assessing the situation throughout the evening had nothing to do, thank Goddess!

As you pushed your way closer to the door, you discovered a large knot of people surrounding a huge blob of a man, the man being Al Goldstein, bon vivant, publisher of Screw and one of my dear friends, holding court among the creme de cafĂ© society, posh art buyers with their designer overcoats, earnest art students with their bulging backpacks, and Big Al sitting his 400-pound self on some poor shmuck’s car hood. You’d probably see some other sex celebrities in the crowd–maybe Betty Dodson or Candida Royalle–and if you were persistant enough to actually get into the gallery, you saw Norma Jean Almodovar, famed sex workers’ advocate, asking you your views on pornography and art. Or you might have been questioned by Dutch fluxist artist Willem De Ridder, or Billy Name, ancient bearded Andy Warhol photographer. Next you’d see Heilman-C’s computer graphic artwork superimposing her friendly face on a variety of porn magazine covers, plus an imposing copy of The 10 Commandments of Porn, courtesy of First Amendment attorney Jeffrey Douglas. “Thou shalt not sell a dildo in Georgia,” “Thou shalt not sell a vibrator in Louisiana,” “Thou shalt not sell a penis pump in Texas,” and so on.

Then you’d be propelled into the main exhibition room, the Sex Act gallery. Here you’d line up with about 35 other fellow art lovers who’d been waiting in the cold for over an hour, and you’d see Anna, Hank, Missy and Mickey engaged in some kind of X-rated sex act. And you’d see me in my sexy ultrasheer Salome outfit, welcoming you into the human hothouse, and asking if you’d like to direct. “You look like a director,” I’d propose suggestively, “Would you like to direct a sex act?”

Most people would say no, of course, looking suitably horrified. But a sizeable minority jumped at the chance to direct porn in an art gallery, if only for a minute. Some approached it like an art school assignment, others like the fulfillment of a fantasy, others used the opportunity to make a political point, get their rocks off, take their clothes off (several stripped, and some actually joined in), or just impress their friends. Some were a bit sadistic. “Do a double penetration!” or “Have anal sex!” they’d request insensitively, or maybe just ignorantly, not realizing how much preparation is involved for any kind of anal sex, since X-rated movies make it seem so easy. By far the most common request was a daisy chain, though many people asked for simple things like kissing.

One “director” was nine months pregnant! At my request (I often directed the directors), she lifted her sweater to reveal a perfect nude basketball of a tum-tum. Then she and her beaming hubby team-directed a porn scene. It was a bit surreal and kind of romantic. In many ways, “Sex Acts” was the ultimate Couples Night, with so many twosomes hugging each other and giggling intimately as they gaped at Missy and Mickey–a real-life married couple–and Anna and Hank–also a couple. And of course, Max and I are a couple, and the whole thing was produced by Heilman-C with her somewhat mysterious but very involved other half, D.C.

But some of the singles had a ball. A guy named Joe–definitely your average Joe--wound up in bed with the porn stars for almost an hour, having sex (with a condom, of course) with both Missy and Anna, living out what he called the “fantasy of a lifetime.” Several intrepid ladies from the audience also stripped down and got into the Sex Acts. Even our limo driver took off his clothes and jerked off “for art!”

Our very own Blockette Lavonne was also there, half-undressed to perfection as usual. Lavonne helped with the tough task of clearing the gallery floor every five minutes. She’d just be hanging around with her beautiful boobs hanging out, surrounded by a group of ogling art lovers, practically doing her own Sex Act sideshow. Then, when the set was over, and no one was leaving–at least not fast enough–I’d beckon to Lavonne to get up, pull those bountiful boobies out a little more, walk toward the door, and the oglers would follow. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a pair of breasts directing traffic! But there they were. Follow those boobies!

Meanwhile, Max was everywhere, doing security Bonobo-style, and chatting with Jack Tilton, the gallery owner, about how he’d never seen such a big turnout for any art opening in New York. To think that on the other side of town, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was closing down peep shows, and here we were performing sex acts you couldn’t even see in the most explicit joints in Times Square! Maybe if the strippers called themselves “artists,” they wouldn’t be shut down. Art is about context and chutzpah.

But is it art? That is the question, the tiresomely obvious question that the television reporters asked me as the last come shots had dried, and the last spectators drifted out the door. Don’t ask me, I replied. Ask yourself. Art is in the eye of the art appreciator, as subjective as beauty, love, tragedy–or pornography. And just because the critics say that it is or isn’t art doesn’t mean that it is or isn’t art. Some of the most celebrated artwork in history--the Impressionist paintings of the late 19th century, the Dada movement of the early 20th century--were considered “not art” when they first emerged on the scene. When early Renaissance painters depicted scantily clothed Greek-style gods and goddesses in the midst of sex acts with one another as well as various bulls, swans and sheep, rather than the usual Medieval crucifixion scenes, there was outrage. The Christian clergy–the art critics of their day--screamed something to the effect of “That’s not art. That’s pornography!”--even though the word “pornography” hadn’t been invented yet. As Heilman-C herself said, “It’s in an art gallery; it must be art.” Context and chutzpah rule.

After the show, we all went to the Park Avenue Country Club and congratulated ourselves on having created the biggest art happening New York has seen in a long time. Whether it was art or not-art, we’d just turned on, shocked, exhilarated, amused and inspired multitudes of Manhattanites. Next, we take “Sex Acts” to art galleries around the world–Europe, South America, Japan, maybe even to Texas!

By the time we got back to our marvelous Plaza suite, Max and I were ready for our own private Sex Acts. Then we remembered that our sheets and pillows had been used in the performance and were now covered with sperm, come and astroglide–Yuck! Max rang up room service, and in his most patrician voice proclaimed that we had had a little accident all over the sheets and pillows, and could we please get some fresh ones immediately? The Plaza butler obliged within moments, of course (Ivana wouldn’t have had it any other way), and then we proceeded to commit passionate uncensored Sex Acts until checkout time.

StCloudCouple4 44M/44F

8/29/2005 12:01 pm

WOW!!! That was great. We had to fuck after reading that! Thank you

secretstud0081 35M
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9/2/2005 9:42 am

Hey There I'd like to be Included in with either your gang bang, or just with you. Otherwise I'd be the guy you'd want for your bouncer I'm training for the olympics in Greco-Roman Wrestling, I dont think I'd have a problem bouncing some dude who gets out of line on their head and out of the room, or making sure ppl pay some $ for the hotel room. I'm also a mortgage consultant and I work in a office and could make your fantasy come true about having sex in a office with a very fit me at M and I and Land rand oand yand 1 athot male. I'll be watching for you!

youngone4693 33M
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9/28/2005 9:29 pm

that was mad, i have my eye on all the females at my work from now on. funny shit. i would love to do something like that with one of the girls, well done mate. RESPECT..............

rm_nowhereme 66M
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10/9/2005 1:24 am

Dearest "P...l.e70" :

YUMMY and a REAL DELIGHTFUL LASS you are. Wish I am your wet dream's right or left side of the hot bed you make...
Jeez, I desire to please you to forever !!

YibbleBibbley Goosh and Slickerty Fine
Agent of Good Will coming at your leisure.

(Love and Kisses All Over You!)

>> nowhereme <<

rocketyursocket7 51M
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10/22/2005 1:48 pm

Passsssion, still hoping to help you out sometime! smoooches

Hope all is well!

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