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I have been on the website for 3 total weeks and I have recieved a huge response from the wordage I put. Lets just keep it real.......

I am 26
I was engaged
I do have a career
I am a student in college

So lets start from the beginning.....

I grew up very sheltered, could not go anywhere and could not do anything. Did not have a chance to go wild and crazy like alot of people do between the ages of 15 and 30. I just felt that it is not right for me to party when I have one life to live and I want to make the best of it financially first and relax later.

I met my fiance when I was 17 yrs old and I was still in high school. We have been together ever since and just recently separated. A wedding never even happened and it has been almost 10 yrs. He has helped me out so much financially and helped me how to manage money in my life. I am very grateful for that. His dad passed away a couple of yrs ago and pd off his house, which gave many options to build a financial future. A couple of yrs ago his mother had to go to dialysis 3 time a week and guess who took her...I did...

His mother recieve a kidney transplant last yr and had a minor stroke and heart attack and guess who took care of her....I did....

I am sooo stressed now...sometimes I feel like why am I even here? What is the highest point in my life and I think...But I cant think of anything.

One day I was doing web research for a project and I came across this website. The funny thing is that I saw someone that I knew and I really wanted to look up their profile but it would not let me unless I purchased a profile myself. So I did sooo.

Yes, I actually did have a couple of drinks that night and just went in freak mode. I never get to talk dirty and I have never been in any relationship besides the relationship that I am in. I labeled myself as a freak!!!

Recently, my fiance and I discussed our situation and he feels that he wants to see other people and not be stuck in a situation that he is not happy in. We are both so young and haven't done much fun with our lives, Yes we do travel but unfortunately when you are so young and you are with someone for a long period of time, kids or no kids you just loose that interest and think that my life could be turning a totally different direction with or without this person.

I have met a total of 2 people on the site and the first person, I am sure you read I was really into. I lost my self - esteem ... I no longer want to be used. I just want to me wanted.
I want to be wanted for who I am and I want the attention I dont get. I dont get that from anyone.

I really dont have a fuck buddy but we did have an intimate moment, which did not last. No, I did not cheat, engagement is already separated.

Confessions Confessions Confessions

This is the real me. I am just keeping it real.

I want my own life to live and I dont want to live by taking care of other people and living their life. or being there for someone when they are not there for me.

This is my confession, I have never been a bad girl. I have always had that respect for myself.

A person could only get to a certain point in their life and have everything change.

Life is Life You have got to look at it in a positive way. Be happy, respect yourself, live for yourself, be there for yourself and dont rely on someone to be there for you, because it never happens that way.

People will be people and mistakes are always bound to happen.

Again, Life is Life and I am not down to screw all kinds of people. I just need a little affection in my life and don't know how to find it. I need to find myself because my life is my life and I dont want to wait until it's too late.

Confessions Confessions Confessions

I am just keeping it real.......---(((((

No Games and No Drama

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I feel you! Honesty is the best policy!

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